Peaceable kingdom: Greetings aiden fans, I am peaceable kingdom and I have some news for you but that can wait, right now me and Dave have a theory to share with you guys.

Dave: aiden might return in the episode 8.

Lukas: seriously, why aiden?,he could be dead.

Peaceable kingdom: he's in jail, however, he can still return,and we will say it.

Dave: 1, in episode 4, da wither storm died and left behind a withered nether star

Peaceable kingdom: 2, in episode 5, Lukas said that he econtered the blaze rods, they couldn't just come for no reason

Peaceable kingdom and Dave: 3, it's possible that Aiden stole the order's star after they left to find the eversorce,

Peaceable kingdom: so aiden might of made a beacon and used it's power to escape.

Dave: now in the intro, you said there was news

Peaceable kingdom: yes I did, 1 I gave the show a name, it's called make it or fake it

Peaceable kingdom: 2 I have a second co-host her name is

Peaceable kingdom: billy smith!

Peaceable kingdom, Dave and billy: until next time on make it or fake it....

All: farewell and be awesome.

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