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  • I was born on April 18
  • My occupation is Saving the world,being awesome,writing stories,playing/planing games.
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  • PeaceableKingdom

    Okay, y'all know about the lego movie, well, a army of fans (actually me) came up with an idea, the lego minecraft story mode wiki movie, so if you want to be in this, sign up here.

    • Peace: a Wikier who just wants a normal life, but this ends when he finds the redstone heart, thus causing a threat to rise and a destiny to be slowly revealed, main protagonist and has a crush on ???.
    • ???: love interest of the main protagonist,cool, has a motorcycle and is one of the ultra wikiers.
    • ???: mentor for peace and helps him through problems, also leader of the ultra wikiers.
    • ???: boyfriend of ??? And a ultra wikier.

    I'll say more roles once these roles are taken

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  • PeaceableKingdom

    Camp mystery

    April 28, 2017 by PeaceableKingdom

    Camp mystery is a new blog series based off Scooby doo,

    Chief consular sapire was worried about the villain children, however, the madman strikes!

    The new consoler peace and his pet Winslow were ordering "we our one and we are strong!" Said peace "nonononono" said the campers, "why do we have to eat chef order's cooking, it is always totes random" complained Georgia, "meow, no! You have to eat your milk!meow!" Shouted Winslow.

    "Camp-FIRE!" Shouted order, "or we'll give you marshmallows" says ender, but unfortunately, the madman strikes

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  • PeaceableKingdom

    The OCs make they're own order

    So sign up your OCs
    • leader: David
    • architect
    • engineer
    • warrior: nathan
    • greifer
    • enchanter/enchantress: Siana
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  • PeaceableKingdom

    Narrator: Recently,on order of the wikiers.

    Miles: peace, are you okay?

    Alex.sapre: cassie and Winslow got their hand,and in Winslow's case,paws on the atlas.

    Georgia: but that means

    Peace: the wiki is a part of minecraft: story mode itself

    Alex: I think you have met me ALright,and it's pretty EXtreme.

    (On this episode)

    Unicorn: Alex.sapre?

    Xharperx: yes, it's him.

    Alex: yes, but not just me.

    Darth and vlevin: *run to the wikiers,followed by a mysterious person* hi!

    Order: who's the fifth guy?

    Mysterious person: I'm Hal.

    Peace: okay, can I see what you look like under the mask?

    Hal: No! I'm shy when people see my face.

    Miles: it's okay, can you help us?

    Darth: of course! Let's go to our base.

    Vlevin: and we can figure out a plan.

    Alex: you won't want to be …

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  • PeaceableKingdom

    Peace: huhhh,where am I?

    Miles: peace! Are you alright!

    Peace: yeah.why do I look like my MC:SM OC?

    Miles: and why do I look like a werewolf?

    Unicorn: I look like a unicorn/human.why?

    Order: I think I know,the portal that brought us here must of made us look like our favorite characters.or OCs.

    Georgia: so, I look like Petra now,and you look like Jesse!

    Beardy: I'm ivor! Long live lava!

    Peace: but where are we now.

    Beardy: *sees a wither skull* we're in minecraft story mode!

    Order: but how?

    ???: Cassie rose and Winslow got their hands and in Winslow's case,paws on the atlas.

    XHarperx: and they used it to suck you in this world.

    Georgia: but that means

    Peace: the wiki is a part of minecraft: story mode itself.

    Unicorn: who exactly are you.

    ???: I think you…

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