Christmas Countdown


Order: WOOP! Hel-LO mmy fellow wikians and welcome to OCC! And today I have to apologize. YouTube, I forgot all about your tree suggestion. OK, I lied, I was saving it to the last episode but I feel bad. So now we do it instead of sledding!

Narrator: Be thankful, the slapstick could include a broken ARM.

Order: So now we decorate a tree! :D And to make up for forgetting...

Narrator: Oh please no...

Order: I took the liberty of inviting our former guests back!

Narrator: NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Slayer: *Kicks down door* AND WE'RE HERE-

Narrator: Nope! *Throws door at Slayer*

Slayer: ACK!

Order: Well... they're dead. Dang it, Narrator!

Kyle: Umm.... Slayer, you OK?

Slayer: No. T_T

Narrator: Are we all going to have to decorate a tree?

Becky: >:3

Narrator: o.0

Becky: *Sings* Do you wanna decorate a treeeeee- *Is hit with door*

Order: And to Lnerd...

Lnerd: Huh?

Order: I leave a boot to the head. >:3

Lnerd: *Boot hits him on the head* OW!

YouTube: Are we decorating a tree or not?!

Order: Oki. *Skips off into the attic*

Kyle: So... do we just wait or... what?

Becky: Wait... Order... you have no stairs... HOW ARE YOU IN THE ATTIC!?

Order: *Has a box of ornaments* What attic?

Becky: WHA?! Y- you. Were just... WAAHHH.

Narrator: Lets just get to decorating this dang tree.


Kyle: SO. What do we have?

Order: Ornaments. The banner is already up.

Slayer: Can I go to the hospital?

Order: Not until this episode is over.

Becky: Toughen up, Slayer, you rekt us in snowball fights.

Slayer: I got hit in the face with a door! Do you know how much that hurts?!

Becky: Yes.

Slayer: Oh. Well then lets get decorating.

Lnerd: *Starts hanging up ornaments*

Order: Y'know this is a lot more boring than I thought it would be.

YouTube: Hey!

Order: No offense.

Slayer: *Places a green ornament on* Did you expect it to be thrilling.

Order: I expected it to be useful.

All: O_O

Order: FOR CONTENT. Heh... o.o'

Becky: If we tie her together and knock her out, do you think that'll work?

Order: I'm not useful! My eyes aren't red!

Becky: Oh. Well Order this is BORRRINGGGGG.

Kyle: Not to mention we're done.

Order: Well... shoot. What do we do!?

Narrator: Idk!

YouTube: Umm.... I guess... the episode is over?

Order: But it was so short!

Becky: What do we do now!?

LnerD: Should you make a rule saying if dares are short and sort of lackluster they soul add a twist?

Order: I guess? I mean, I'm out of ideas!

Narrator: *Shoves everyone out the door* Oh well too bad so sad! >:D

Order: ... Why.

Narrator: Because. Just end this episode.

Order: Ugh. Ok.


Order: So, this is the 14th! Which means... 11 days till Christmas! YEAH!

Narrator: And to avoid episodes where we can't virtually do much, please add a clever twist or challenge in yours! Like maybe hard rules we must follow or something, just to add more content.

Order: A sing-off was going to be in this episode, but it was too out-of-place and weird so we skipped it. So, yeah, have a great day! *Screen goes black*

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