Christmas Countdown


Order: Hel-LO fellow wikians an-

Slayer: *Tackles Order* HIT IT, BECKY!

Becky: *Turns on fast-paced Christmas music* Kyle, GO!

Kyle: *Tosses YouTube and Lnerd fancy canes*

YouTube and Lnerd: *Fancy synchronized dancing* Welcome to...

Slayer: The WIKIANS...

Kyle: Christmas...

Becky: COUNTDOWN! *Throws confetti around*

Order: *Throws command block at music player* NOPE.

Narrator: Thank goodness that was hard to watch.

Order: Mah show! *Tosses Slayer onto the couch*

Slayer: EEP!

Narrator: Good warm-up! *Hands Order a baseball painted white and frozen* Now throw this at Becky.

Becky: Wait W- *Hit with baseball* OWWWW.

Narrator: Insist o come back here WHY DONTCHA. *Glare*

Order: I am POWERFUL! B)

Lnerd: So... what are we doing?

Becky: Snowball fight! But I chose to be on Order's team. Or go to the hospital..

Narrator: We're not paying the bill so Order's team it is!

YouTube: So... can I be on Lnerd's team?

Kyle: I guess I'll be on Slayers?

Narrator: And I'll stay inside with my cocoa.


  • Montage time*

Order: MONTAGE! *Builds walls with snow*

Slayer" We got a MONTAGE!

Becky: We got a MONTAGE! *Makes holes in walls*

YouTube: MONTAGE!!!! *mAKES snowballs*

Lnerd: *Makes an igloo* Get in! *Pulls YouTube and her snowballs in*

Slayer: *Builds a castle-type building with snow and snowball spots*

Kyle: *Just chills and makes snowballs* B)

The Fight

Order: Becky, listen, don't leave the walls!

Becky: *Throws a snowball* You THINK!?

Lnerd: Oh jeez, oh jeez, OH JEEZ! *Curls into fetal position*

YouTube: Why'd you make an igloo!?

Lnerd: I don't know!!!

Slayer: AHAHAHA! *Throwing snowballs like a mad-man* YEAHHHH!

Kyle: *Keeps hitting the roof of the igloo*

Order: *Throws a snowball at Kyle*

Kyle: Ow! *Wipes it off and keeps peltin the igloo*

Order: HEY! You're supposed to be out- *Hit in the head* OW!


Becky: AH! *Throws a snowball at Kyle*

Kyle: *Topples igloo roof just as he is hit* AH!

Slayer: KYLE! NO!

Kyle: *Falls down* Tell my family... I... love them... *Shuts eyes*

Slayer: Dang, dude, way to ham in the feels. *Is hit in the back of the head with snowball* HEY!

YouTube and Lnerd: *Buried in snow* I think we died.

Slayer: NNnnggghhh......... *Megalovania starts playing*

Order and Becky: O_O OH NO.

Narrator: *Looks out of window* ... *Bites lip*

Becky: HIIDE! *They hide behind walls*

Slayer: I WILL END YOU *Snowball rapid fire*

Order: AHH!

Becky: hold on, Order!


Becky: Wha, why- *Is hit three times with snowballs* AH! *Wall topples on her*

Order: BECKY! *Wall falls* AH! *Tackles ground to evade*

Slayer: TIME TO DIE! *Throws 5 snowballs at Order*

Order: AHHHH!!!!!

Narrator: *Gets in front of Order and blocks all five blows by DELFECTING THEM with his FISTS* -.- *Battle Against a True Herione plays*

Slayer: Whoa...

Narrator: *Wrings snow off fingers* I join my own team...

Slayer: Wha- you can't!

Narrator: IK'll do as I please, thank you! *Makes snowball and starts walking forward* I'll give you ten seconds. Hit me if you can.

Slayer: Game on. *Throws 60 snowballs in rapid succession dead on at Narrator*

Narrator: *Dodges 59 and grabs the 60th mid-throw and aims it back at Slayer*

Slayer: *Hit* AH!

Narrator: *dROPs other snowball* I think that means I win.

Lnerd: Order's still in.

Order: MEEP.

Narrator: *Looks at Order* Oh, well then. I forfeit. Order wins by default. *Walks back inside*

Order: Oh mah gosh... I HAVE A BOSS NARRATOR!

Lnerd: IKR!?

YouTube: We failed!

Lnerd: IKR!?

YouTube: -.-

Slayer: Ow....


Order: There are no adults!

Becky: I need one anyways!



Order: ANYWAYS! This is thee 12th of December, marking 13 more days till Christmas! WOO! And NO ONE TACKLE me or I will sic Narrator on you!

Wikians: O_O WE'RE GOOD.

Narrator: *Calmly sips hot cocoa* Anyone wanna come back? *Death glare*

Wikians: No sir! Bye! *Run out door*

Order: I cant help but laugh. >:3

Narrator: Which is why this is amusing. *Screen fades to black*

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