Christmas Countdown

The Intro

Order: Hel-LO my fellow wikians and welcome to OCC! Today is the 11th of December and that means FOURTEEN days to Christmas! Woo!

Narrator: So what did the people say we must do today?

Order: To be fair, we had three suggestions. But the first one was to make COOKIES by YoutubeGirl. So we will do that.  Just remember: The first suggestion is the one we will go with UNLESS it is not Christmas themed. And CHRISTMAS cookies fit the bill.

Narrator: So, should I call the Orders over or...?

Order: NOPE.

Narrator: So... should I call the Old Builders?

Order: NOPE.

Narrator: Can I put down the phone?

Order: NOPE.

Narrator: ...Can I do anything?

Order: NOPE.

Narrator: I'm done here. *Walks away*

  • Two minutes later*

Order: *Hears doorbell* YES! *Kicks open door*

Lnerd: *Is hit in the face* OW!

Order: Oooooo...... That's gotta hurt.

YouTube: 0_0 You're deadly even with a door...

Slayer: Order, what is this about? *Sees the camera* The Christmas Countdown!? We're IN it!?


Becky: WOO!

OrdeR: Hey thats my line, Becks.

YouTube: Whose suggestion are you doing?

Order: Yours, YouTube. We be making COOKIEZ!


Lnerd: Can I get a band-aid cookie? I think my face hurts...

Order: If you make it green and red you can! *Shoves everyone inside*

YouTube: Why must you shove people in here!?

Slayer: It's ORDER, what do you expect!?

Lnerd: Why did I accept the call!?

Narrator: Gosh dang it, Order, why'd you invite your friends over!? We're doing a show! *Gets it* Oh COME ON. I give up. *Walks into the kitchen*

YouTube: We're gonna be using that so don't plan on solitude!

Order: *Shoves everyone into the kitchen*

YouTube: *Internal screaming*

Narrator: *Sets up the cookie making stuff* There, have at it!

​Becky: COOKIES!

Slayer: Now move, Narrator dude. We be making cookies.

Narrator: Does anyone say thanks on this show!?

Order: We feel it in our hearts... and we'll make a cookie for you.

Lnerd: So how do we do this?

Wikians: *Fall silent*

Kyle: D-do any of us know how to bake?

Order: Nope.

Wikians: *Look at Narrator*

Narrator: Why me?

Order: Just help us make the dang cookies. CUE MERRY MUSIC!

Making The Cookies

Lnerd: *Merry Christmas music plays* So... I got a cook book... it says we got-

Narrator: I got everything out already. What you guys need to do is prepare the dry and wet ingrediants.

Slayer: Tell us how, grand cookie master.

Becky: *Sorts the ingrediants into wet and dry* Sort of got it...?

Narrator: *Sighs* Let me. *Pours dry ingrediants into a mixer* There, now just activate it and let the things sort of mix together.

Kyle: DOesn't seem so bad, I'll help, Slayer.

Slayer: Why'd  you volunteer ME?! *Sighs*

Kyle: Just turn on the mixer, I'll hold the bowl or something.

Narrator: Remember to-

Slayer: FULL SPEED! *Presses button*


Slayer and Kyle: *Get covered in a cloud of the dry ingrediants* -.-

Becky: *Turns off mixer* I think we're good!

Order: So... we put the wet stuff in now?

Narrator: Yeah. *Sets up the wet ingrediants* Just put them in.

Becky: Yeh! *Pours it all in the bowl* >:D

Order: Ok, lets all be reasonable and NOT go full speed.

All: *Stare at Order*

Order: JK FULL SPEED LEGGO! *Presses the button*

Becks: ALRIGHT! *High-fives Order*

Kyle: AH! *Crouches*

lnerd, YouTube, and Narrator: TURN IT OFF!

Slayer: *Turns it off* O_O

Becky: heh heh. >:D

Kyle: Whyyyyy T_T

Narrator: Flipping... Can you people go ONE day without trying to destroy everything!?

Order: It's some batter for cookies, WE WILL LIVE. Now how do we get this thing done

Narrator: *Sighs* Let me...

  • Time skip*

Decorating the Cookies

Becky: *Lays out a tray of Christmas Tree-shaped cookies* BAM.

Order: And half are GINGERBREAD! WOO!

Lnerd: *sETS UP THE FRosting* B)

Kyle: How does this work?

Order: We put the cookie in the thing... or something. *Grabs a gingerrvbead cookie and dips it in the frosting*

Slayer: *Starts dripping random cookies in random colors* RAINBOW.

Becky: Save some for me!

Lnerd: Hey! Give me a chance!

Kyle: I'd like to do at least one!

OrdeR: No one uses the pink frosting or SOMEONE GETS HURT!

Wikians: *Start arguing about the cookies*

Narrator: *Backs away* -.-

Slayer: No, give me the yellow bowl!

Lnerd: I'm using the yellow! Wait!

Slayer: Nooo! *Trips and falls on face*

Becky: *Drops cookie* NO!

Kyle: Slayer!

Order: EEP! *gRABS Becky's cookie* A...AHHH *Falls on Slayer*

Slayer: Ack!

Narrator: You guys done yet?

Order: I think I broke my gingerbread.

Becky: Seriously?

OrdeR: Yeah. *Gets up* I broke my- I mean your cookie.

Becky: NOOOO!

Slayer: *ded* T_T

Narrator: Well... you hav about 20 cookies with frosting. Good job.

Kyle: aRE we done?

Order: I think it would be better if we say so before we go all "Hunger Games" on each other.

YouTube: Phew. *Looks up from behind a table* I've been hiding here this entire time.

Lnerd: Jeez.

Slayer: Well! Can we do the outro with you! PLEASE?!

OrdeR: WHY NOT!?


Order: Well. this is the end of the episode! WOO!

Wikians: *Crying*

Order: Wat....

Lnerd: Will we be able to come back??

Slayer: Yeah, come on! This was fun!

Narrator: *Looks up from book* O_O Oh no...

Becky: Please? I need more cameos!

Narrator: Please don't...

OPrdeR: FINE. I don't want Jesse getting hit with a snowball so you guys can come back. -._-.

Narrator: NOOOO!

Wikians: YEAH!

Order: *Notices Narrator* EEP! Don't forget to suggest activities AND BYE NOT RUN BEFORE NARRATOR KILLS US! *Runs off and screen fades to black*

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