Christmas Countdown

The Intro

Order: Hel-LO! My fellow wikians and welcome to Order's Christmas Countdown! Or OCC if you are lazy. Today is the tenth of December, marking 15 days till Christmas! I notice the date for episode one is a bit messed up, but rest assured this is a good countdown!

Narrator: *Unenthusiastically waves hands* woo. -.-

Order: *Oblivious* ANYWAYS! Slayer has suggested a Secret Santa gift exchange!

Narrator: Wait shouldn't we be doing this ON Christmas?!

Order: MM. o.0 Umm... Who cares I want an excuse to give someone a gift. And I'm rigging it so I get one of the Jesses.

Narrator: How!?

Order: Shhh....

Narrator: UGH. Fine; I'll get the New Order.

Order:  *Grabs car keys* And the Old Order. *Runs off*

Narrator: *Glances at camera* We're all gonna die. *Starts calling people*

The Secret Santas

Order: *Paces* Get over here alreadyyyyyy. *Has a pink box set up on the table with peoples' names on slips of paper inside*

Narrator: *Chills by fireplace, sipping his hot chocolate*  Calm down, give them at LEAST five seconds.

Order: NGGGH. *Resumes pacing*

Gabriel: *Knocks on door*

Order: *Backflips over to door and opens it* Heyo!

Gabriel: Hello.

Magnus: Sup.

Axel: *Copies Magnus* Sup.

Olivia: Hi again.

Ellegaard: At least you're not trying to kill us this time.

Ivor: Just wait until she puts you in a car.

Lukas: Hey, Order.

Petra: Thanks for the stuff yesterday.

Jenny: Yeah.

Jesse: How come we all have individual responses?

Soren: Not me.

Order: We're doing a secret Santa gift exchange thing. *Shoves everyone inside*

All: *Has on their winter outfits*

Soren: A secret... what?

Order: WAT.

Narrator: *Shoves Order away from Soren* It's where you have to give someone a gift but you don't tell them who it is from.

Ivor: More secrecy. Reminds me of good times. *Sarcasm

Order: You're grumpy today.

Ivor: Because you're not giving me good lines!

Lukas: How about we just go on with this Secret Santa thing of yours, Order?

Magnus: Doesn't sound deadly. Almost dissapointing.

Order: "Almost"? Anyways! *Shoves everyone into chairs*

Ellegaard: Why do you keep shoving us?

Order: No reason. *Cough* Time restraints *Cough*

Narrator: *Rolls eyes* Wonderful.

Order: Ok, for the strange lot that doesn't know what the heck this is; we just take one slip of paper out of this box and pass it on. Do not announce whose name is on the paper-it is who you give the present to. So... lets begin! *Pulls a peice of paper out and passes the box on*

  • Time skip because laziness*

Gabriel: So... is this it?

Order: Yep! Go buy a present! We meet in five hours!

Narrator: Wha- Order! You can't rush these people! They have to think about their gift! Long and hard! To have meaning and-

Order: bruh everyone left already.

Narrator: *It's just him and Order* ... *Sigh* I'll go get a gift.. *Walks out*

Order: Well... that wasn't funny at all! *Runs out*

The Gifts

Everyone: *Back at the table with wrapped gifts*

Axel: So... what now?

Order: The gifts are in a pile; grab them.

Olivia: Well... OK, then. *Grabs the gift meant for her along with everyone else grabbing their respective gift*

Ellegaard: *Opens hers* A... lever?

Soren: I was out of stuff.

Order: *Facepalm*

Ellegaard: *Shrugs* Thanks?

Soren: *Opens his* EEEEEEEEEEE *Continued "eh" sound*

Narrator: OH GOSH! Make him stop!

Gabriel: Soren, stop that confounded sound!

Soren: *Has an Enderman plushie* MY BABY.

Gabriel: 0.o

Magnus: Dude, you.have.ISSUES.

Gabriel: *Opens his* A new sword! Ha-HA! *Swings sword*

Lukas: *Opens his gift* Aww, cute! *Hugs a small ocelot plush toy*

Petra: *Smiles and opens hers* ...Lapis. Seriously?!

Ivor: *Laughs* Sorry, it was too good. Here is the real gift, though. *Hands Petra another present*

OrdeR: Does anyone understand the SECRET part here?!

Ivor: Shut it and let me do this!

OrdeR: Ok.

Petra: *Opens it* A diamond!

Ivor: To make up for... well, you know. *Opens his* BOOKS! :D

Axel: *Opens his* Aw, man! A potato with TNT strapped to it! YEAH!

Olivia: *Opens her gift* A dispenser! I needed one of those!

Narrator: *Opens his*  YES! More hot chocolate!

Jesse: *Opens his* Cool, a new enchantment for my sword. "Unbreaking" *Laughs*

Order: *Opens hers* It's a pink flower! :D

Jesse: *Smiles*

Order: *Gets it* Yay!

Jenny: *Opens hers* It's.. a certificate. Saying that I have full ownership of the horse I rode when escaping the Wither Storm... wow. :)

Order: Yay! Is that everyone?

Magnus: NOPE! *Opens his* OO! *It's TNT*

All: OH NO.

Magnus: *Lights it* KA-BOO- *Screen goes to black*


Order: *Speaking in the darkness* Don't... forget... to suggest another idea... for the next episode! AGH.

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