Christmas Countdown


Order: Hel-LO my fellow Wikians and welcome to OCC! Today is the 24th which means... IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Screeches*

Narrator: AGHHHH!!! *Glass shatters* Order! I'll invite your frends over if you just BE QUIET.

Order: Yay! :D

Narrator: Phew! *Grabs phone*

Christmas Eve Party

Becky, Slayer, Domi, Poli, Lnerd, Kyle, Georgia, YouTube, and Wolf: *Come in*

Order: *Flips over* Guys! Get sleeping bags set up in the living room! I is gonna read you a story!

Narrator: Please oh PLEASE do it before her fangirling breaks more glass. O_O'

Wikians: O...kay? *Set up stuff*

Domi: Order, what the heck-

Order: *Sits down with a book* I am reading a story.

Becky: WOO!

YouTube: What's the story.


Poli: So this isn't a kidnapping?

Order: *Opens book* On the night before Christmas...

Lnerd: What?

Order: *Silence*

Lnerd: Erm..

Georgia: *Cuddled in a blanket* Order?

Order: *Throws book against wall* Forget this. STORY TIME.

Domi: WHAT!?

Slayer: WOO!

Order: On te night before Christmas, all through the wikia... not a creature was stirring, especially Poli since he slept like a log.

Poli: EY! >:C

Order: Umm... blah blah blah... then the wikians heard footsteps and hoofsteps..? On their rooftops. So being idiots like they are (no offense it's all a joke) they ran outside.

Kyle: I am confused.

Order: SHHHH.And then they saw him. Santy the Claus.

Domi: That' not-

Order: And they flipped out so much, Santy fell over.


Order: Panicked, all the wikians ran over and screamed. Santy was knocked out!

Becky: *Dramatic gasp*

Lnerd: NOOO!

Order: So, Slayer shakes Santy, and his beard falls off to reveal...

Poli: A gun?

Domi: The plot?!

Wolf: Nukes?

Becky: Cookies?

Lnerd: His face?


All: *Gasp*

Order: It turns out...Santy...was.... BREADY.

All: *Gasp even louder*

Slayer: *Coughs and falls over* ACK.

Order: And so everyone throws bread at Bready. The end. B)

YouTube: That was AWFUL.

Poli: *Tackles YouTube*

Georgia: So.. what now?

Order: Slayer! Where the heck did I put those cookies!?

Slayer: How am I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!

Kyle: You put them in the fridge, Order.

Order: Oh, right! Narrator, get the cookies!

Domi: I still want to know what that story was!

Narrator: Fine. *Goes into the kitchen*

Lnerd: Order, are we giving the cookies to Santa?

Order: Yeah.

Becky: MILK.

Order: !

Domi: I'll get it. *Goes into the kitchen*

Order: We have special mugs and plates for him!

Domi: I found them, don't worry!

Narrator: *Comes in with three cookies* This good?

Order: Yeah. Put them on the tray.

Domi: *Comes back with a mug full of milk and places them by the cookies*

YouTube: *still being tackled by Poli* HALP.

Poli: -.-

Order: Well! I have bags of reindeer feed we can sprinkle on the lawn! *Passes bags around*

Becky: Huzzah! *Runs outside with the others*

Order, Slayer, and Becky: *Flinging the feed around like crazy*

Poli: *pOURS all of it in one spot* B)

YouTube and Domi: *Sprinkling it all carefully*

Wolf: *Going in a straight line*

Lnerd and Kyle: *Toss the bags up and see where they land*

  • Time Skip*

Wikians: *Sitting in front of a TV, watching Home Alone*

Domi: Does this count as a Christmas movie?

Wolf: Idk. *Upside down on the couch*


Order: *sTILL watching TV* wELP, Merry Christmas Eve, peeps! sLEEP well and have fun!

Slayer: SHHH.

Narrator: *Takes camera and walks away8 Well, guys, enjoy everything! Don't forget to tell us what to do for the big finale! Bye! *Screen goes black*

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