Christmas Countdown


Order: Hel-LO fellow wIKIANS and welcome to OCC! Today is the 18th, marking SEVEN DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! WO-

Narrator: Will you stop screaming and get on with the intro!?

Order: Grumpy.

Narrator: Who am I going to call?

Order: I'll do it for you. *Grabs phone*

Narrator: Why do I feel like this will be an awful experience for me?

Wrapping Session of Doom

Order: *Opens the door* WELCOME BACK!

Slayer: Why do we still do this?

Order: Because cameos. Now COME IN!

Becky: What are we doing that most likely involves pain?

Lnerd: Jumping off cliffs.... flying a sled... what?

Order: Wrapping gifts.

  • Record scratch*

YouTube: What.

Lnerd: So... we're going to be blindfolded?

Order: Nope. Just wrapping presents. I got the paper out and everything.

Narrator: *Slamming head in wall repeatedly*

Kyle: *Backs away from him* So... is that why you told us to go buy something?

Order: Yes. And because the car is still broken from the LAST road trip. -._-.

Becky: Unfair!

Lnerd: So.. where are the boxes?

Order: Wait... boxes?

Lnerd: You need boxes to wrap gifts... some gifts.

Narrator: Oh no..

Order: I forgot. XD Well, you know what that means!

Narrator: OH NO!


Becky: WOO!

  • On the road*

Lnerd: I regret the mentioning of boxes! AHH!!!

Order: NO HANDS! *car is spinning uot of control with broken parts, no doors, and broken lights*

Narrator: AHHHH!!!!

Becky: WOO!!!! *Flails arms around*

Slayer: Ha-ha! *Tied a rope to the back of the car and is just sledding behind them on the road* B)

Kyle: *Grips to the seats* This isn't legal!!!

Order: It is right now! *Goes faster*

Becky: YEAHHH!!!

Narrator: SAY'S WHO!?

Order: Says me!

YouTube: All this over boxes?! Don't you have any at home*

Order: *Stops car*

Slayer: *Crashes into the back* Ow.

Order: Oh, yeah. I do. ROAD TRIP HOME! *Spins car around and drives back*

YouTube: Watch out for the other cars!

Kyle: EEP! *Ducks under a broken piece of metal* I don't think she cares!

  • At the house*

Order: *Pulls out boxes* OK. So now we can wrap presents!

Lnerd: So.. *Wrapping gift* What's the challenge in this?

YouTube: Was one specified?

Order: NOPE!

Slayer: *Idly wrapping something* So... we're just wrapping stuff?

Becky: Rap battle?

Lnerd: Oh heck no.

Kyle: We have SOME dignity.

Becky: Man.

YouTube: Then what?

Order: *Puts a bow on a gift* Idk. *Glances at Narrator*

Lnerd: Can we attack him with the wrapping stuff?

Narrator: *In another room*

Order: Heck yeah.

Slayer: >:D

YouTube: *Unties a few bows and grabs two iron bars and makes nunchucks*

kYLE: *uses a box for a shield*

Lnerd: *Grabs some ribbons and shoves them in his pocket*

Becky, Order, and Slayer: *Grab wrapping paper rolls*

Narrator: *Just reading a book*

Lnerd: *Blindfolds Narrator* >:D

YouTube: *Hits Narrator's shoulders with the nunchucks*

Narrator: What the?!

Slayer: *Pokes him with the roll to get Narrator to stand up*

Narrator: *Gets up* I so called it

Order and Becky: *Wrap him in wrapping paper*

bECKY: Revenge!

Slayer: HADUKEN! *Hits Narrator in the head*

Narrator: Why you...

Kyle: *Rams him with the box*

Narrator: I'm done here. *Rips the paper*

YouTube: NYEH! *Swings nunchucks*

Narrator: *Catches them* I am not amused.

Wikians: *Drop everything* RUN!


  • No one is in the room with the camera*

Order: *Crash noises* GO GO GO!

Slayer: AHH!

Narrator: Get back here!

YouTube: I'M SORRY!

Lnerd: *Dashes past camera* MAKE A BREAK FOR IT! *Door slams open*

Wikians: *Race outside8

Narrator: *Pauses in front of the camera* Don't forget to tell us what to do next though most likely you'll all be dead because those wikians are gonna pay for that! *Runs off*

Becky: GET IN THE CAR! *Screen fades to black*

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