Kidnapping and the Contest!

OOTCB: Hello peoples of this place and welcome to MY studio!

Narrator: You mean our house?

OOTCB: *Blushes* I mean the studio, this is a studio. And not at all our house.

Jesse: *In a cage with Jenny the rest of the New Order* What's the big idea, Order!? This is insane!

Lukas: Yeah, why are you kidnapping us!?

Ivor: *In a cage with the rest of the Old Order* If this is because you want lava lamps THEY ARE MINE. LONG LIVE LAVA!


All: 0.0'

Narrator: *Backs away from Order*

OOTCB: I have brought you here because-

Soren: Shipper's contest?

OOTCB: I SAID SILENCE! *Fires a gun directly above Soren*

Soren: Eeehhhh..... *Hides behind Gabriel*

OOTCB: But yes. I had Narrator kidnap you all because of the contest. Now, lets do some dares!

Jenny: But you KIDNAPPED us, we're not going to listen to you!

OOTCB: I bed to differ. *Has an array of weapons*

All: We're doomed.

Dare #1

OOTCB: *Reading off paper* Ok, so the government says I can't kill you..

Ellegaard: Phew!

OOTCB: *Burns paper* But WHO CARES!? We've got a dare for the ENTIRE Old Order, including you, Grumpy-Pants.

Ivor: HEY!

Narrator: They want you and the Old Order to go on an amazing adventure to find treasure.

Old Order plus Ivor: *Let out of cage* Lets go! *They run out of the house*

Petra: You think they'll come back?

OOTCB: I have Pinky tracking them. They can't escape me. If they go back to Shipper, they're doomed.

Axel: Hey, what about the episode 8 cast!? They were dareables!

OOTCB: Narrator is out kidnapping them.

Dare #2


Jenny: OH NO. You're NOT daring me! Don't think I forgot what happened before! I am NOT stupid!

OOTCB: Stupid enough to remember I had guns. *Loads AK-47*

Jenny: I SURRENDER! ;_;

OOTCB: Good. As I was saying, you've been dared to try and... 0.0

Oliva: What does it say?

OOTCB: To..try and... kill Lukas.

Lukas and Jenny: *Look at one another* WHAT!?

OOTCB: *Lets those two out of a cage and put them in an arena* Have at it, I guess.

Lukas: I have no weapon!

Jenny: I do... 0.0'

Lukas: AHH!! *Runs*

Jenny: *Chases Lukas* I hate this but we're both dead if we don't!

OOTCB: *Looking really nervous*

Jesse: You think she'll do it?

Narrator: Not one bit.

OOTCB: OK ok ok, wait, stop! *Takes Jenny's sword* Not letting Lukesse die. Back to the cage, dare failed.

Dare #3

Narrator: *Comes in with a large cage with the episode 8 dareables*

Nell: Ok, this is like, totally uncool.

Hadrian: What is the big idea here?!


All: NO!

OOTCB: Great timing, Narrator, we just got our next dare. Two, actually, but we'll hold off on one. Mevia, you have to fight Em, Nell, AND gladiators!

Mevia: WHAT!?


Mevia: *Taken to another arena with Nell, Em, and gladiators* Wait, I don't have any stuff!

OOTCB: *Hands Mevia a sword and gun* Good luck. *Teleports away*

Mevia: Oh, shoot. *Pummeled by gladiators and Em*

Nell: *Standing back* Umm...


OOTCB: Well, this is amusing.

Narrator: I'll let her have her moment.

Dare #4

Narrator: Order, we're on the last dare.

OOTCB: *Runs over to Narrator and snatches the paper* FINALLY! OK, Hadrian, lets have some fun!

Hadrian: I am doomed.

OOTCB: YES YOU ARE! You have been dared to fight ME! And it's a fight to the DEATH.

Hadrian: WHAT!?

OOTCB: Seeing that Shipper is my friend and you're HER dareable, I'll enable respawn. Leggo. *Hands Hadrian some weapons and drags him to the third arena*

Hadrian: Whyyyyy.

OOTCB: *Summons command block*

Hadrian: OH GOSH!

OOTCB: *Megalovania plays* AHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! *Speed attacks Hadrian*

Hadrian: *Hits wall and loses half health* 0.o'

OOTCB: DIE, REUBEN OFFENDER!!!! *Kicks Hadrian into the sky and he lands on the floor face-first and respawns*

Hadrian: *Scarred for life*

Question #1

Narrator: OK, I'll handle he questions. The first one is for... Axel and Olivia. It asks: How did you feel when Mevia kidnapped you.

Axel: Erm... confused? I mean, I SO could've handled it if she hadn't, y'know snuck up on me. Then I woke up and I was in a smelly box.

Olivia: I was more scared than confused. Mevia was so fast and I wasn't sure what reason she had for kidnapping us yet.

Narrator: Well.. that wasn't funny at all.

Axel: Umm... googles?

Narrator: What?

Axel: I don't know.

Question #2

Narrator: Petra, Lukas, and I- oh, wait, Ivor isn't here. Petra and Lukas, what would you do if JESSE WAS A VILLIAN!?

Jesse, Jenny, and OOTCB: WHAT!?

Petra: Well... I'd beat their sense into them?

Jesse: PETRA!

Petra: Sorry? I don't know! You're not a villain!

OOTCB: *Hides headcanons*

Jenny: Lukas?

Lukas: I'd be scared. Jesse AND Jenny could easily beat me up if they felt like it. So... I'd be doomed. Maybe I'd try to TALK them out of it?

OOTCB: Aww, good Lukas. :D

Petra: -.-

End of Dares and Questions

OOTCB: Well, that's all-

Old Order: *Kick down the door* FREEZE.

Narrator: WHOA!

Ivor: *Runs in with the police* RELEASE THE OTHERS!


OOTCB: Magnus, you were one of my favorites, COME ON!


OOTCB: I got permission! From Shipper!

Police: Shipper is on a thin line as it is, SO HAND OVER THE PEOPLE!

Em, Nell, and the Gladiators: *Stop beating up Mevia and look at the police*

New Order: *Stare at Order*

Narrator: Now, officers, if I can expla- *Tasered* AH!



OOTCB: NOPE! *Uses command block and sends the police to oblivion* -.-

All: O_O Are... they... OK?

OOTCB: I mean, they're trapped in a black limbo for about a week, so.... But, hey, Old Order. THE SHOW WAS OVER.

Old Order: OHHH... *Look at one another*

Gabriel: It was Ellegaard's idea...

Ellegaard: WHAT?!

OOTCB: Oh REALLY? *Lets everyone out* Go home, but not YOU, Ellegaard! GET BACK HERE! *Chases Ellegaard*

Narrator: Well... this is the end of this episode! I have to go fill out some paperwork... everyone else can go home... Bye...


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