Ok, credit has been given, NOW SONG! (Also I'm doing by the undertale duet by the three guys)

Also, spoilers for Ep. 6!!!!

Cassie: I didn't know what I got into
Cassie: Somehow I can't go back even if I really wanted to (Toquedog dieing)
Cassie: So what more can I do?

Cassie: Here at the end it's just me and you. (Jesse and Cassie glaring at one another)
Cassie: I never wanted to play by the rules (Cassie trying to run out the door)
Cassie: A pumpkin in hand now I'm playing out the part of the fool.
Cassie: So here we go, you can judge me throughoughly. (Jesse either refusing to save Cassie or trying to save her)
Cassie: It's too late for apologies. (Cassie putting on the white pumpkin)
White Pumpkin: Here we are again,
White Pumpkin: Just me and you, comedian, right?
White Pumpkin: With your armor, your petty sword.
White Pumpkin: You better be prepared because soon. (Jesse grabbing her sword*
White Pumpkin: Your last hour strikes. (White Pumpkin killing Lizzie)
Jesse: Turn around Cassie, it'd be a crime.
Jesse: If I had to go back on the stuff that  I did for you (Jesse shutting the doors to save Cassie)
Jesse: So don't step over that line. 
Jesse: Or else, friend, you're gonna have a bad time. (Jesse tackling the White Pumpkin)
White Pumpkin: But girls like you are always just fools.
wHITE PUmpkin: Come at me, try to kill my with your fancy tool.
White Pumppkin: Lets go, now the room gets chiller. (Jesse being trapped in a tunnel)
Jesse: Lets go dirty friend killer. (Jesse charging at the wHITE pUMPKIN)
Jesse: Go ahead and try to hit me if you're able. (Jesse dodging The White Pumpkin's attack)
Jesse: Guess you've figured now that mercy is off the table (Jesse looking at Cassie being stuck)
Jesse: I can tell you're getting really sick of fighting (Cassie shouting at Jesse)
Jesse: But I think you're just mad you keep failing. (Jesse exposing Cassie as The White Pumpkin)
The White Pumpkin: Why not let me win, you can't fight forever? (White Pumpkin grabbing the portal key)
The White Pumpkin: Even if the pain is more fun together (Jesse and The White Pumpkin struggling)
The White Pumpkin: You know I will just come back and come back newer.
The White Pumpkin: And with every try I'm getting even faster than you are. (The White Pumpkin using an enderpearl)
Jesse: I know you're made of H A T E
Jesse: H A T E
Jesse: H A T E
JessE: H A T E (Jesse glaring at Cassie)
Jesse: This is where it stops (Jesse using the flint and steel on The White Pumpkin)
The White Pumpkin: This is where it ends. (Jesse being stuck in the lava trap)
Jesse: If you want to get past me, well you better try again. (Jesse defending Lukas)
The White Pumpkin: But even if I hear you, I won't give up my attack (Cassie voting to throw Lukas to the zombies)
The White Pumpkin: Can you just not see the truth 
The White Pumpkin: Or can you not see what this all meant?(The X'd out pictures)
The White Pumpkin: Go ahead, hit me again I see you're able (Jesse tackling The White Pumpkin)
The White Pumpkin: But inside you know the end can't be evaded. (The White Pumpkin eliporting out of her grasp)
The White Pumpkin: You think I might decide to stop if you stay patient (Jesse being trapped with her friends)
The White Pumpkin: BUT I AM GETTING YOU WITH MY DETERMINATION (The White Pumpkin using the lever)
Jesse: I know you made my friends all disappear. (All the deaths)
Jesse: Everything they cared about is why I'm here. (Everybody gathered at the table)
Jesse: I am their mercy (CaptainSparklez getting flung into a pit)
Jesse: I am their vengeance (Lizzie getting stabbed by the axe)
Jesse: I am DETERMINATION. (Jesse chasing after the White Pumpkin)
JessE: I know you're made of H A T E
Jesse: H A T E
Jesse: H A T E
Jesse: But I know I'm stronger than you (Jesse tackling The White Pumpkin)
Jesse: H A T E
Jesse: H A T E
Jesse: But I know I'm stronger than you (Jesse using the flint and steel on The White Pumpkin)
The White Pumpkin: *Takes of the burning pumpkin*

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