Jesse: You didn't know what you got into. (Cassie putting on a white pumpkin)

Jesse: I know you can't go back even if you really wanted to. (TorqueDawg dieing)

Jesse: So what more can I do?

Jesse: Here at the end it's just me and you (Cassie and Jesse facing off)

Jesse: I never wanted to play by the rules. (Jesse exploring the mansion)

Jesse: A sword in hand and I'm playing out the part of the fool. (Jesse slicing through a painting)

Jesse: So here we go, I can judge you thoroughly. (Cassie glaring at Jesse)

Jesse: It's too late for apologies. (Cassie trying to kill Jesse)

Jesse: So I'll go ahead and hit you since I'm able. (Jesse tackling Cassie)

Jesse: You know my determination is all stable. (Jesse defending Lukas)

Jesse: I'm getting mad because they all keep on dieing. (All deaths)

Jesse: But I know I must keep on trying. (Jesse looking really suspicious)

Jesse: This isn't what you want, but it's what you asked for. (Cassie showing her diamond axe)

Jesse: Simple freedom against all your morals. (Cassie shouting at everyone)

Jesse: You took away their perfect, happy, and good lives. (Lizzie, Sparklez, and Torque dieing)

Jesse: Killing them off without a warning. (Lizzie getting stabbed in the back)

Jesse: I know you're made.

jesse: O-o-o-of hate.

jesse: H A T E

Jesse: H A T E

Jesse: H A T E

Jesse: H a-a-a te.

Jesse:I know who you are, you seem to know who I am.

Jesse: We know that once in a lifetime we could've grown to be good friends.

Jesse: But yet you killed my friends here, without giving them a chance. (The three deaths)

Jesse: eVERY time I throw you down (Jesse tackling Cassie)

Jesse: I hope you never get up again.

Jesse: So I'll go ahead and hit you since I'm able. (Jesse striking Cassie)

Jesse: All the sin you must feel is unbearable.

Jesse: If I could only kill you off it would be over (Jesse using the flint and steel on Cassie)

JessE: But the actions have already been taken. (TorqueDawg dieing)

Jesse: The Sun shines bright as the zombies will tell. (Jesse looking outside)

Jesse: It's a beautiful day to be fighting right now.

Jesse: You gave no advice you just chose genocide. (Cassie wielding her axe)

Jesse: And I know how to make it right. (Jesse knocking Cassie into her trap)

Cassie: You've... trapped me?

Cassie: Really? Little... jerk!

Cassie: I can't belive you've done this to me.

Cassie: To make me lose everything I've worked to.

Cassie: I just want you to know, I wont forget this.

Cassie: But... please...

Cassie: Give me my cat...

Jesse: I know you're made.

Jesse: o-o-o-of, H a t e

Jesse: H A T E...

Jesse: HA T E...

Jesse: But I'll give him to you. (Jesse grabbing Winslow)

Jesse: H A T E...

Jesse: H A T E...

Jesse: But I'll give him to you... (Jesse tossing Winslow down, then leaving)

JessE: H a t e...

Jesse: H a t e...

Jesse: But I'll never forgive you...

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