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  • I live in In the distant land of Minecraftia!
  • My occupation is I mainly go around and save my friends. You know, the usual.
  • I am Female
  • Order of the Command Block

    Kind of a prediction-fiction Jesse-centric oneshot.

    I'm going with my Jesse, so he/she will be female here.

    Key: Normal text.

    Normal thoughts.

    ' Admin/Gauntlet telepathy '.

    "Being a hero isn't all it's cracked up to be."

    It was such a common quote. It was so easily tossed around. Jesse outright refused to say it. She wouldn't let that cursed phrase slip out.

    Jesse had never been one for attention. Years ago, when it was just her, Axel, Olivia, and Reuben, the only attention they got was for derision and ridicule. After they became heroes, the taunting and bullying stopped. While a few people still remained who hated the remaining members of that small squad, Jesse had managed to escape it for the most part. Still, both she and Olivia were never full…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Ivor while he's still being a salty grandpa: The amount of stars in the sky is how much I care about our friendship.

    Jesse: But... it's daytime.

    Ivor: Exactly.

    Olivia: The Sun is a star.

    Olivia and Jesse: Friendship.

    Jesse: You guys will never guess what I found on Soren's Facebook page.

    Ivor: A friend. Buuuurnnn.

    Lukas: Seriously? Yelling in the library? We have, like, one rule and you just broke it.

    Jesse: Hey, I turned out perfectly fine!

    Petra: Just this morning you thought a ghost made your toast.


    Axel: I have no fear.

    Lukas: What if you woke up and Jesse was taller than you.

    Axel: I have one fear.

    Olivia: It's basically a death trap of higher education.

    Ivor: Death trap?!

    Axel: Higher edu…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    For a couple days, I'll be inactive, as I am going on a trip with my family. I just wanted to give you guys notice. Carry on with whatever you were doing. :)

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  • Order of the Command Block

    So G and I were talkin' in chat, an we started theorizing.

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Ivor: *Mentally* Wait, is she into me? Quick, make a bad joke and see if she laughs.

    Ivor: Did you hear the one about the skeleton who couldn't go to the party? He had no "body" to go with!

    Harper: *Laughs* That's really funny!

    Ivor: ...

    Ivor: *Mentally* Well, that's not a fair test. That joke's hilarious.

    Jesse: We need a distraction. Are any of you good at jumping up and down and making annoying noises?

    Axel: My time has come.

    Petra: You almost set me on fire!

    Jesse: *Holding the enchanted flint and steel* But I didn't!

    Axel: Hey, are you cold?

    Olivia: Yeah, a little. Why?

    Axel: Well then, you should sit in the corner.

    Olivia: ...

    Axel: Because it's 90 degrees.

    Olivia: ...

    Olivia: ...

    Olivia: No, I wont high five you, put your hand down.

    Axel: Queue is…

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