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  • Order of the Command Block

    Christmas day...

    By Christmas morning, a rescue team had recovered all the wikians from both the cold and the jail. Only a quarter of them had stayed inside the prison, but luckily no one was harmed by the time they were found. There was a tearful reunion amongst friends.

    The wikians launched a coup against the remaining robots, destroying them easily. Winslow had the idea to blow up all of the robots in the jail, and that is exactly what they did. Everyone watched with glee as it burned to ashes. The same day, Alex invited everyone on Wikia to his office for a party to celebrate. Determined to have a merry Christmas, Order and a large group of other wikians teamed up to decorate. Everyone actually had a good time.

    It was over. Everyone was s…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    One day 'till Christmas...

    They all stood in sullen, shocked silence. Rengeki felt like her mind was slow and sluggish, unable to process the recent events. She kept seeing the silver pistol and hearing her friend’s agonized screams. It was too much. Everyone remaining in the group seemed fazed.

    It was quiet for so long. All it seemed to do was amplify the pain left by the two now captive group members. The silence was shattered like glass against a bullet with a sudden cry of anguish. The cry suddenly became strangled, as if being withheld, and then was replaced with messy, gasping sobs.

    It was Narrator.

    Not sure what to do, everyone else just stared. However, something had broken. Soon, Rengeki’s sight was blurred by her own tears. Her shoul…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Two days 'till Christmas...

    Everyone had cabin fever by the time Alex told them to gather around. It was dark, around 10:00 P.M., and they were itching to leave. Nevertheless, the group gathered around Alex’s desk, which was littered with papers.

    “These,” Alex spoke, “are reports of strange behavior.” He slid a trio of papers towards Domitron and Order, who were in front of him. Gingerly reaching out, the female brunette grabbed a single paper and read it quickly.

    ‘Winslow was seen with loads of explosives. Nothing could prove if they were legal or stolen, but the user was strangely unresponsive and withdrawn. Nico expresses concern.’

    Order paled and quickly set the report down. “Wins…”

    “Winslow was taken!?” Rengeki cried out, looking stricken.…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Three days 'till Christmas..

    Order woke up to a gentle shaking of her shoulder. Bleary and tired, she groaned and tried to fall back asleep.

    “Order, we’re here,” someone said softly. She opened her eyes a bit more and recognized the outline of Narrator. A jolt of panic shot through her, causing her to sit up straight, wide-eyed and awake. Narrator gave her a small smile before reaching over and waking up the others. Order had been the first woken up. Peering out the window, she took in her surroundings.

    They were in another city. This one was much larger, cleaner, and utopian. Skyscrapers, apartments, stores, and other buildings of that ilk. The city was grand, but not imposing or claustrophobic. It seemed welcoming, inviting, and cheery. A f…

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  • Order of the Command Block

    Four days 'till Christmas...

    Pig Master firmly believed the clock in the car was taunting him. He didn’t WANT to know when each hour passed, or that it was the 21st, giving him effectively four more days until everyone died. Granted, it was his own fault for calling the only other front seat aside from the one behind the wheel. He still reserved his right to grumble. “Yo, it be lunch time!” Order exclaimed, pointing at the clock. Pig looked at it and saw that it read 2:06 P.M. He glanced at Narrator, who was silently driving the van. Without a single word, Narrator smoothly pulled the car over and turned it off. “What do we have?”

    Rengeki slammed her basket of stolen goods on the floor. “All this goodness,” she informed. The group picked out…

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