Hello, there! OcelotSlayer here! Todaaaaaay it's time for the wikia shorts! Where every day (to every other day) we have a funny short blog adventure or story. Today is the first one and it is...

Battle of the Batmans - Order vs Domi vs Nico

Order: *puts on batman mask* I'm batman.

Domi: *steals mask* no. I'M batman.

Nico: *steals mask* I am the battiest batman!!!!

Slayer: *watches*

Order: Excuse me, I am the original batman.

Nico: Yeah, flush out the old with the new. That's what I always say.

Domi: When have you ever said that?!

Poli, Rengeki-chan, Bready, Charles: *watch with Slayer*

Domi and Nico: *tackle Order*

Order: AAAH leggo of me i'm the mod here!!!

Domi: Have u forgotten i'm a mod too?!


Nico: Waitaminute. This is crazy. *backs out*

Order: coward.

Nico: I'm just trying to stay safe.

Order: SO you aren't batma- *gets hit by Domi* AAGH

~time skip~

Slayer: So in the end, Petra emerged victorious because y not?

Order: WHAT?! But I technically won!

Slayer: Yeah, but then Petra took the batman mask.

Order: wait... Peeeeeeeetraaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Slayer: WELP! Until next time with Wikia Shorts! *waves at camera*

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