(This is partially based off of my theories, so yeah)


New Order of the Stone (including Ivor)



Surviving Youtubers

Plot and Major Choices


The New Order look for Ivor in Crown Mesa, only not to find him. They then look in the other portals they visited. The surviving Youtubers join them in looking for him, determinantly. Then Soren and Gabriel, and Ivor hop out of a portal in the hallway. He explains he wanted to show them around the different worlds. Then Soren says he didn't need to be shown around things he helped build. They walk into a different portal to explore. A mysterious and childish humanoid attacks them, her personality revealed when she said they were all pretend. She is the time-keeper, Era. She knows everything about all of them, and proves it by showing the "dark past" of the person Jesse chooses. Then she tells them there is a dream realm, where they can everything they ever wanted. She leads them there, only to come in the middle of the war.


Do you let the Youtubers help you find Ivor?

Walk in the mysterious portal together, or one at a time?

Attack Era back, or let her fire?

Show Petra's, Ivor's, Soren's, Axel's, or Stacy's past?

Agree to go to the dream realm?

Fight alongside Era, or flee?


1. The Youtubers will come with you, or stay there

2. You all get attacked at once, or get attacked once everbody's there

3. if you let her fire, you will find immediately that the weapons are fake

4. Whoever's past is shown will feel extremely uncomfortable and not go on

5. You either go immediately, or Era has to persuade you.

6. If you fight alongside Era, you will all make it safely, but have to get out immediately, but if you flee, you will find Reuben, seeing as it is a dream realm, but Era will be killed.

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