I had to chew a pen cap today to stop myself from dying of excitement. Legit no joke. I almost passed out today.

Speaking of which, I made my own love story fanfiction. Most of you are gonna hate me for it, because you mostly ship Jetra and Lukesse.

So, in episode 8, the heroes meet this guy/girl (depending on Jesse's gender) who fights Jesse. They start to talk while fighting and decide to be friends. The person reveals themself as a person called Erin. They then point out that both their names are oblivious to genders.

Erin explains that they're trapped in that world, always has to do it again, and Jesse and the Order agree to help Erin escape. Blah, blah, blah, spleef, battle...

Erin thanks them for helping him/her. I haven't worked out the rest of the details, but my theory is that time moves slower in the portal hallway, and it's been a year since they defeated the Witherstorm...

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