OcelotSlayer: So, are we on?

LovePug: Yes!

Candylover55: Come on! Let's do this!

OcelotSlayer: Welcome to my own Ask or Dare! These are my co-hosts, or I guess, alter egos, LovePug and Candylover55!

Petra: Hope you didn't forget ab- um...

OcelotSlayer: Oh, yeah, thanks for that, Petra!

Darables (except Petra): >:(

Slayer: Now, on to torturing you guys! First one, since Shipper forgot to do it, girls! All of you have to put on a ballet performance!

Olivia: Doesn't sound too bad.

LovePug: We thought you'd say that. So you have only 2 minutes to choose a song and practice!

Lukas: Say what you want, you'll do great guys!

Dare #1

Jenny: So, we chose "Sugar" by Maroon 5!

Candy: Not really ballet music, is it?


Slayer: Fair enough.

Petra: Okay, let's just get this over with.

  • time skip*

Boys and hosts: *give a standing ovation*

LovePug: Actually, I have an objection. That was horrible!

Ellegaard: WHAT DID I SAY BEFORE?!?!?!?!?!?!

Hosts: Fair enough.

Slayer: Now, I want you guys to have a drawing contest! All of you! And you have to draw... a crystal gem from SU as an animal!!

Dare #2

Axel: I suppose you'll be judging?

Slayer: Of course not! I decided to bring in some of my friends from the wikia!

Sofia: So, this is your studio?

DatBeardyGuy: Pretty neat.

Costly: Nice!

Jesse: Those guys?!

Slayer (with movie star grin): Yep.

Ivor: Well, obviously I have the intelligence and social skills of Peridot, so I'll draw her.

Slayer: You do realize Peridot's social skills are less than 0?

Ivor: -_-

  • another time skip! (hey, this really is hard work)*

Slayer: The winner is... Petra with a bunny Lapis!

Axel: I thought you said you weren't judging.

Slayer: I didn't. But everybody else left when they saw your terrible drawings.

Candy: Okay, okay, onto to the next one.

LovePug: (whispers dare)

Dare #3

Ivor: I have to do WHAT?!

Slayer: LovePug told you: ask Harper if she ever kissed Otto. (Though I really hope the answer's no...)

Ivor: Um, Harper... you... um... ever kiss Otto?

Harper: No. The most I've ever done is give him a high-five...

Ivor: Okay, that's good.

Slayer: You bet it is. I was going to have a heart attack if she said yes.

LovePug: I didn't know Harvor was your OTP!

Slayer: How could you not? You're part of me...

Candy: Now onto questions!

Question #1

Candy: So, mine is: Jesse, what would you give up for another hour with Reuben?

Jesse: My life. Then I could join him. I... he... he was my everything. And I suffer going to sleep every night without him.

LovePug: Wow. Touching. Right, Slayer? Slayer?

Slayer: (in corner with tissue box) Don't judge me. Reuben's death was number 4 on my most emotional moments list.

Question #2

LovePug: Next is from me. Harper, how well did you know Cassie Rose?

Harper: Not very well. Why? When did you meet her? Did she say anything about me?

Jenny: Um... are you hiding something, Harper?

Petra: Yeah, I think we missed something here...

Question #3

Slayer: Final one. Mine. Petra, do you know if anybody else in the Witherstorm was effected by Wither Sickness?

Petra: I don't know. Might've just been me. I-

Slayer: Okay I don't want to hear the rest...

End of Questions and Dares

Slayer: So, I think I finally know what it feels and how much hard work it is to make Ask or Dares. I really respect you for it, Shipper. I might do another one, if that's okay with you.

Jenny: Wait? MORE?!?!

Candy: See ya!

LovePug: Bye!!

Slayer: (blows kiss at camera)

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