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  • I am Cat
  • OcelotSlayer

    Guess who'

    September 5, 2017 by OcelotSlayer

    has a wikiversray today?


    I remember being very immature when I first joined, very very sorry about that...

    BUT I cannot believe it's been a whole YEAR since I joined MCSM wiki and wikia in general! WOW!

    Thanks to all of you for being my friends and helping me to stay motivated to stay here! I love you guys!

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  • OcelotSlayer
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  • OcelotSlayer

    Wheatato Fanfiction

    August 10, 2017 by OcelotSlayer

    I mean why not- (also I'm gonna give them human traits and characteristics)

    Wheat sat in their item frame, next to Apple, Carrot, and Bread. Wheat was the most interesting food there. They always had different stories to tell. "So, anyway, I was just laying in my item frame, right? Trying to go to sleep. And I hear Slayer come inside the house. She's wearing her armor and closes the door as fast as possible. Then I see there's a zombie outside! Slayer's terrified, and what does she do? She takes a potion of healing, and slashes that zombie straight through the head!" Wheat finished their story and all the other foods gasped. "Wow!" Apple exclaimed. "That's awesome!" Carrot said. 

    Slayer walked inside the house and the other foods watched as …

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  • OcelotSlayer

    Wearing sunglasses

    Wearing 3D glasses

    Drinking a hot drink

    Being outside in the heat

    Playing sports, esp. swimming

    Being in the rain

    Cuddling a pet

    if anyone else has any, let me know and I'll add them.

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  • OcelotSlayer

    Hi peoples, look who's here! So, my exams are over at school, and I did say I would be here more often, but my computer screen is cracked and I can't see much of anything. I'm having trouble typing this as we speak. I do have my tablet, but I cannot locate it at the moment. I promise you guys that when I do, I'll spend as much time here as possible. Either way, 

    1. irlotpsftw

    (Also, love the new background)

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