• I live in Somewhere between space and time
  • I was born on December 21
  • My occupation is Protecting the world from chaos, oblivion and evil divas(Basically just Lazy Expert, but whatever)
  • I am A monstrous creature
  • MonsterGal101

    This story is for Domitron's blog. Since I kind of have writer's block right now, it will take some time.

    I forgot to mention in the title that the events are taking place in Episode 5. The story will begin from the point the Gang leaves the Treasure Room.


    The gang has made an amazing discovery!! They found a mysterious glowing Flint & Steel in a temple somewhere in the woods and decided to take it with them, because why not? After all, it's just a cool-looking tool; what trouble could it possibly cause?

    After exiting the Treasure Room in utter excitement, Jesse, Petra, Lukas and Ivor return to the Lava House to find Axel and Olivia. They have just finished putting glass around the lava on the house's floor. Lukas seems kind of u…

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  • MonsterGal101

    So... um.... here it is!! My drawing with Jesse and Soren eating a sandwich for Stormsandwolfs' ask or dare!!!...I'm the worst artist in the world.

    Now if you excuse me, I'm going to hide away in the underground for the rest of my life..

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  • MonsterGal101

    -This is the last one I promise-

    The gang enters the lab and shut the doors behind them, desperately searching for the headset. The whole place looks incredibly creepy. Robots, dim lights, a photo with Harper and PAMA... it gives off a feeling of sadness and isolation. And Jesse.. she said all those horrible things..But of course that was PAMA talking, trying to bruise their morale.

    Ivor: Look! Here's the headset. It's just as cool as I imagined!

    He grabs the headset and puts it on. It produces some sweet robotic noises and connects Ivor with a zombie.

    Ivor: This is soooo cool! Too bad you guys can't see it. I have become a zombie!!!

    Petra and Lukas glare at Ivor amusingly and he does a little happy dance because of his ethousiasm. He undestand…

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  • MonsterGal101

    -Let's continue from where we left-

    Jesse and PAMA'a forces retreat to the base. Jesse still feels overwhelmed by the feeling of being controlled.

    Jesse's thoughts: I can't believe I almost hurt my friends because of you!

    PAMA: Don't worry Jesse, once I make them useful we will be a big happy family.

    Jesse's thoughts: Get. out. of. my. head.NOW!

    Her brain is suddently connected with other people's brains, accessing their thoughts and memories. Jesse feels a terrible pain, but she can't express it. Harry, a person who Harper considered a brother. Since childhood they've been together through thick and thin... but now he feels anger and betrayal towards her. Margaret, a kind-hearted and cheery person, wonderful to have around. Her bond with Harpe…

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  • MonsterGal101

    This story was created for Order's competition.

    (P.S. Jesse's thoughts refers to Jesse's subconsious(POV) which is not controlled by PAMA and Jesse refers to Jesse's active side, evil or not.)

    The story begins after PAMA questions the gang without obtaining any useful information.


    PAMA: My job is to be useful. I should be allowed to expand to other worlds and make everything useful. Unfortunately, our conversation hasn't been helpful.

    Petra: AAARGH!!!

    Lukas: Let me go!!

    Unfortunately, the chipped humans are too strong. No matter how hard they try, they can't escape.

    Jesse: NO!! Leave them alone! I'll do anything, just don't hurt them.

    The Mind controlled humans suddently stop and turn around.

    PAMA: Your friends' brains surely contain w…

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