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  • Minecraftian47

    Seems like I have Discord's reality warping powers! And now I can submit stories by other means!

    But here's my entry to the contest, originally typed up on Docs:


    Core Characters-

    • Jesse

    • Petra

    • Lukas

    • Ivor

    • Olivia

    • Axel

    Supporting Characters-

    • Isa

    • Milo

    • Frostwood

    • Reginald


    • King Ingenios of the Nether

    • Ruler of the End World (revealed to be Soren)

    • Illager mansion owner

    • Skeleton archer (nicknamed “Bonehead” by Petra or “Deadeye” by Axel)

    • Cassie Rose (later joined group)

    • Aiden (later joined group)

    Minor Characters-

    • Phillip

    • Nether locals

    • People of Sky City

    • Nether Army mobs

    • King Ingenios’ assistant named Curly

    • Illagers

    • Endermen


    Following the events of Episode 8; A Journey’s End?, the New Order of the Stone continue their epic adventure, chasing Ivor and h…

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  • Minecraftian47

    So, anyone has any fanfiction that is based around Episode 6/content from the episode? Because making Cassie as a villain protagonist would be a cool concept, which I'm actually doing right now (I'm 16 chapters in if anyone wants to know what I'm writing...)

    Minecraftian47 (talk) 01:04, September 5, 2016 (UTC)

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