I am only listing the changes

Episode 1:

-Soren is at EnderCon -You have a choice to save Soren or Petra -If you save Petra she wont disappear -If you save Petra shell want to find Gabriel, Axel find Magnus and Olivia find Ellegaard -If you save Soren then jesse can say "how about we find gabriel?"

Episode 2:

-Ellegaard and Magnus do not hate eachother but Magnus hates Gabriel -Magnus and Gabriel leave instead of Magnus and Ellegaard

Episode 3:

-If Soren has been eaten Ellegaard will tell Jesse's gang about Soren's end lab. -They discover that the Formidi-bomb is not there -They go to the loot grinder and find the Super TNT inside and the 8 gunpowder -Gabriel and Magnus offer their armor instead of Magnus and Ellegaard --If Soren is saved he will also offer his armor due to being sick -Soren or Petra will just be Withered not amnesiafied

Episode 4:

-Magnus/Gabriel/Soren and Ellegaard will morn Magnus/Gabriel/Soren. -Ellegaard and (whichever Order members are alive) will go with you to the farlands. -The Order actually did defeat the Ender Dragon -Ivor spawned the Witherstorm because he's simplt evil -Ivor redeems himself by helping them stop it -Jesse can also choose Olivia, Petra and Lukas' armor. -End of episode

Episode 5:

-The Witherstorm escapes and Jesse's gang have to find it -They find it -Soren doesn't run away -They struggle to destroy the Command Block -They defeat the Witherstorm

Episode 6:

-Start of adventure pass, go to Sky City -The remaining members of the Order go with Jesse's gang. -When Aiden is running away from Jesse after spawning the blaze, he is hit by an incoming creeper, killing him on impact.

Episode 7:

-CaptainSparklez doesn't die.

Episode 8:

-If still alive, Magnus will help Jesse. However, a large group of Mind Controlled zombies will notice him, killing him.

Same throughout the rest of the season


  • Green is used for characters who have been confirmed to be alive.
  • Red is for characters who have been confirmed to be deceased.
  • Navy is for characters who were last seen alive, but who's current status is unconfirmed.
  • Pink is for characters who's fates are determinant


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