So, I recently replayed the game looking for evidence of ships, and I found something that has me intrigued and makes me want to see the Order again. The thing? Well, let's just say Gabriel and Ellegaard may be in love ;)

(Worst attempt at making a cool intro. EVER)

So, I'm gonna analyze some details, big or small, and I'm gonna be the Marmite, you're gonna love me or hate me for it.

1. Aiden's question

This just seems like a question, right? But, to us (by us, me and only me probably) it's evidence of Gabriel being close to Ellegaard, like, very close. Why the heck would they EVER know Ellegaard's favorite food? I'm sure I wouldn't just go to the store and yell "HEY EVERYONE! MY FAVORITE FOOD IS PIZZA!" would I? It's extremely unlikely that the Order would ever want to know her favorite food. UNLESS, Gabriel is actually secretly dating Ellegaard... Yeah, analyzing the small details!

2. Saving Gabriel and Returning from Redstonia

So, saved Gabriel? Went to Redstonia? No? There is the door. Leave. So, if you come back from Redstonia, Ellegaard is very happy to see Gabriel again. No, like, REALLY happy, if you go to Boom Town, Magnus isn't as happy. What does she do? She hugs him. You could argue it's a friendship hug... But... Well from the last point and the upcoming ones... Yeah...

3. Saved Gabriel and Ellegaard

If you saved Gabriel, and Ellegaard, Gabriel will get weaker, like, stuck sitting up. What does Ellegaard do? Help him sit down and then try and convince him that Magnus' death wasn't his fault (determinant)

4. Saved Petra and Ellegaard

If you saved Petra and Ellegaard, then Soren and Ellegaard are happy to see Gabriel alive. In my opinion, Ellegaard seems happiest. Even if Magnus is alive, he isn't as happy. Ellegaard will try to restore Gabriel's memory, reminding him of the good times they had together.

5. The end of episode 4

Okay, this isn't as significant, but, smiling. Constantly smiling throughout the episode. Saved Petra, smiling at Gabriel. End of episode 4, when you become the new Order, they are smiling at each other. Again, very insignificant, but it's a detail.

That's all I have today. By the way, this isn't a joke. 10/10 would ship again.

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