• Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    OH MY GOD GUYS! I found the best ship eva!!! There is SO MUCH EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP!!! I think Magnus and Ellegaard love each other!!! Letz give the evidence!!!

    1. Nope

    2. Nope

    3. Definitely not

    4. Don't count on it

    5. Nope

    6. Nope

    7. 0% chance

    8. You wish Magnus:(

    9. Nope

    10. Nope

    11. Never

    12. Haha nice joke

    13. Absolutely not

    14. Poison me pls

    15. Gr8 m8 i r8 8/8 sarcasm intended

    16. No way

    17. Nope

    18. Nope

    19. Nope

    20. Never

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  • Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    So, I recently replayed the game looking for evidence of ships, and I found something that has me intrigued and makes me want to see the Order again. The thing? Well, let's just say Gabriel and Ellegaard may be in love ;)

    (Worst attempt at making a cool intro. EVER)

    So, I'm gonna analyze some details, big or small, and I'm gonna be the Marmite, you're gonna love me or hate me for it.

    1. Aiden's question

    This just seems like a question, right? But, to us (by us, me and only me probably) it's evidence of Gabriel being close to Ellegaard, like, very close. Why the heck would they EVER know Ellegaard's favorite food? I'm sure I wouldn't just go to the store and yell "HEY EVERYONE! MY FAVORITE FOOD IS PIZZA!" would I? It's extremely unlikely that t…

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  • Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    1. They find Soren is an old builder

    2. He is angry at Jesse for taking his place

    3. Gabriel somehow finds them and helps him kill them.

    4. Jesse is about to be killed.

    5. Magnus/Ellegaard come in and shoot them dead with a gun, holding the amulet and saying "Grr. None Minecraft weapons..."

    6. Jesse says "how are you alive?"

    7. Magnus/Ellegaard explains that everyone is stupid for thinking that a tree could kill them after everything they've been through.

    8. They get home. The end.

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  • Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    I am only listing the changes

    Episode 1:

    -Soren is at EnderCon -You have a choice to save Soren or Petra -If you save Petra she wont disappear -If you save Petra shell want to find Gabriel, Axel find Magnus and Olivia find Ellegaard -If you save Soren then jesse can say "how about we find gabriel?"

    Episode 2:

    -Ellegaard and Magnus do not hate eachother but Magnus hates Gabriel -Magnus and Gabriel leave instead of Magnus and Ellegaard

    Episode 3:

    -If Soren has been eaten Ellegaard will tell Jesse's gang about Soren's end lab. -They discover that the Formidi-bomb is not there -They go to the loot grinder and find the Super TNT inside and the 8 gunpowder -Gabriel and Magnus offer their armor instead of Magnus and Ellegaard --If Soren is saved he wil…

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  • Lukas Jesse Kierkegaard

    i think we can now confirm that soren does have something to do with the old builders. I also think ellegaard might have as well.

    1. there are 3 books and one is about the redstone heart
    2. soren is a great builder
    3. soren is old XDXDXDXD

    1. shes a great redstone engineer
    2. shes kinda old
    3. before you mention that ellegaard can die, these builders are amazing they could easily make amachine that respawns people
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