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  • Lemonny3663

    New page ideas.

    November 7, 2016 by Lemonny3663

    Hello, as many of you have probably realized, I've been fairly absent from the MCSM wiki latley. The exact reasons behind this are somewhat debatable, but to narrow it down it's probably a mix of IRL commitments (school), waning interest and my involvment in other gaming communities such as reddit. However, I have not left entirely which brings me to the purpose of this post. Since I am no longer investing as much time into creating pages or adding content, I thought it would be best to share some of my ideas for new pages which I never got round to completing. Please note that these are raw ideas, and have not been through my mental selection process (just made that up), so many may not be needed. Here goes:

    Writers (Group) {Soren, Aiden, …

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  • Lemonny3663

    1. Cassie owns a book called 'Walking amoung the Endermen' by Soren!
    2. Cassies owns numerous Ender Pearls and has a pit filled with Endermites. Soren lived in the End for some time.
    3. Cassie wears white pumpkins. Soren once wore pumpkins to observe endermen.
    4. There are two armor stands supporting redstone lamps inside Cassie's lair. Inside Soren's fortress there is a throne with an armor stand on it. 
    5. Cassie used tubes to transport her loot. Soren also used tubes to transport his loot.

    Part 2: Ellegaard as mother hints:

    1. Cassie is very skilled at making things with redstone. Ellegaard is also highly skilled with redstone
    2. There are two redstone lamps inside Cassie's Lair. This could be a possible reference to Ellegaard as she used redstone lamps for lighti…

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