Kirbyfan100: Hello! and welcome to MY Ask or Dare! the people you can dare are.... Otis, Jesse, Ivor, Harper, Lukas, PAMA, Soren and The Slime Vendor! ???: hold on... Kirbyfan100: wait is that Luckytama from cocotama!? Luckytama: yes it is! Kirbyfan100: anyway! first dare is for Soren to get chipped by PAMA! Soren: Why... PAMA: welcome Soren yay! Kirbyfan100: Good thing PAMA doesn't know about the command block. Luckytama: Why? Kirbyfan100: wait... OH NO! *throws command block far away and removes it from PAMA's memory and unchips Soren* Kirbyfan100: dare 2! Luckytama must be in a pig costume and run around Otis! Luckytama: *in pig costume* Oink oink! Otis: *chops back of costume off with axe* Luckytama: OIIIIINNNNNKKKKKKK! *falls out of costume* Kirbyfan100: so the episode is over! if you want episode 2 I will make one! bye!

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