This dymamic duo has been through a lot. They've jumped off a bridge, saved each other from the Wither Storm, and even escaped an arrest in a city in the sky! Each of all these wacky adventures has had important one thing in common though: they've done it together. These are just some of the highlights of their best moments.

The Order of the Stone

An obvious one to point out, Petra saves Jesse in the forest when he goes out looking for Reuben. 

Jesse shows some concern for Petra going off into the Nether alone. (Determinant)

Jesse says that it's awesome being Petra when she shows him her wither skull.

Petra practically asks Jesse to come with her to make the trade after the previous.

Jesse, although relcuctant, agrees to try to give Lukas a chance at friendship for Petra's sake, showing how much he's willing to change for her.

The most widely accepted evidence of Jetra the fandom has, not only do Jesse and Petra fight and jump off a bridge together, but they exchange warm, and possibly flirty smiles at each other. 

Bridge Jump Jetra-1-

A very great moment between Jesse and Petra. (Sadly interrupted by the Anti-Jetra creeper spy)

Jesse calls Petra a "super-close friend," when chatting with Olivia and Axel.

When Axel questions Petra's presence in the woods, she says that she was just drawn by Jesse's "high-pitched screams," but seems hesitant upon mentioning it, hinting that maybe she was looking for him in the first place.

Petra sticks up for Jesse when Ivor threatens to call the entire deal off. Even with a risk at hand, she'd still be on Jesse's side.

While escaping the Wither Storm, Jesse grabs Petra's hand and pulls her from the tractor beam.


Petra caught in the tractor beam, and Jesse preparing to save her.

Jesse refuses to escape into the Nether portal at Gabriel's temple and tells Petra that he won't leave without her. (Determinant)

As a matter of fact, all the options Jesse has to say concerns Petra staying with him.

Jesse chooses to save Petra from the Wither Storm over Gabriel. (Determinant)

Jesse attempts to convince the gang to go back for Petra. (Determinant)

When Jesse tells Ivor that Petra's going to make it, Ivor mentions that Jesse's concern for her is "admirable." (Could Ivor be a secret Jetra shipper?)

Assembly Required

If Petra returns to the Order's temple, she and Jesse share a hug. 

Petra tells Jesse that she owes him everything for saving her life.

Petra says that she appreciates Jesse for letting them rest in the temple until morning. (Determinant)

It requires a close eye, but while Jesse and Petra are talking, Magnus/Ellegaard interrupts to meet Jesse for the first time, and Petra finds this annoying, judging by her look.

Petra tells Jesse and only Jesse about her Wither Sickness, demonstrating her trust in him.

Petra attempts to help Jesse up the hole the creeper made, but feels guilty and worried when she fails to hold him up. (Damn you, Anti-Jetra Creeper Spy!)

Jesse tells Petra to take care of herself first, a dead giveaway that he's paying more attention to how SHE feels rather than how he's doing. (Determinant)

Jesse and Petra face off against Ivor in Soren's fortress library. 


Jesse protecting Petra from the splash potion.

During the battle, at one point, Ivor throws a potion of harming at Petra, but Jesse leaps in front of her and slaps it back at him. (In my opinion, it would have been a juicer Jetra moment had he just taken the actual blow for her.)


Jesse and Petra vs Ivor.

The Last Place You Look

Throughout the duration of the episode, Jesse checks up on Petra and her wither sickness. Jesse assures Petra that her wither sickness will get better. (Determinant)

In the battle in the grinder, Jesse and Petra fight together against the mobs.

Jesse rescues Petra from the mobs when trying to escape into the End.

Jesse offers his hand to Petra to help her up the stairs in the End, which she unfourtunately refuses. (Determinant)

Seeing that she can't keep up, Jesse carries Petra to the trapdoor when escaping the now-flooded wool world.

Petra scolds Magnus and Ellegaard for making Jesse take on the Wither Storm with the Formidi-Bomb instead of either of them, showing that she doesn't want Jesse to die.

Amnesized Petra rescues Jesse from the gravitational pull of the command block.

A Block and A Hard Place

Jesse takes Amnesized Petra's hand and gets her away from the Wither Storms.

Jesse helps Petra get away from the Storms on his horse. (Determinant)

In the cave where they take refuge, Amnesized Petra says that she still remembers Jesse, proving that her close relationship, (and possible secret feelings), was strong enough to survive being erased by the Wither Amneisa. 

When Jesse is about to leave for the Far Lands, Amnesized Petra says that going with Jesse feels like where she belongs, causing him to blush.

Jesse tells Amnesized Petra that she'll be alright inside of Ivor's cottage. (Determinant)

Amnesized Petra thanks Jesse for saying so.

Petra asks Jesse to kill the Wither Strom for her, and Jesse promises her that he will, confirming their platonic relationship depending on how certain shippers view it.

Amnesized Petra tells Jesse that she knows he can save the world.

Petra comforts Jesse about the loss of Reuben with the others, but is the only one who puts her arm around him.


Petra comforting Jesse about Reuben.

Order Up!

Petra saves Jesse from some skeletons sneaking up behind him when they're in front of the jungle temple.

While Petra and Jesse smile at each other, Petra looks miffed when Axel interrupts, a similar situation to what happened in the Order's temple.

To preform the "Warrior Whip," Jesse and Petra lock hands, Jesse swings Petra around, then throws her into a bunch of zombies, clearing a path. (Determinant)

Petra mentions that Jesse made the right choice in tearing Ivor's lava house down. (Determinant)

Petra calms Jesse down after he is violently asked to bring the enchanted flint and steel from the temple to the treasure room by Ivor.

Petra goes with Jesse to Sky City.

GoOOTS 1024px

Jesse and Petra with Olivia and Axel in front of the jungle temple.

Paying attention to detail is important once again, but when building the bridge to Sky City, in the second-to-last stretch, Jesse and Petra are seen building side-by-side.

Jesse runs off with Petra and Milo instead of helping Ivor. (Determinant)

Petra says that she believes Jesse can convince Build Club to join them.

Petra pats Jesse on the back to congratulate him for getting Build Club on their side.

Petra becomes overjoyed to run into Jesse again in the throne room. (Determinant)

Jesse tells Milo that he trusts Petra more than anyone. (Determinant)

Jesse tells Petra that she's lucky to have him when discussing their way home. (Determinant)

Warrior whip

Jesse and Petra performing the Warrior Whip.

A Portal to Mystery 

In the trailer for episode 6, once again, 20/20 vision is needed, but when showing DanTDM on screen, you can see Jesse and Petra with each other, casting concerned looks at one another.

In the actual episode, Jesse and Petra fight side-by-side in almost EVERY battle scene.

In the first battle, with the zombies, Jesse defends Petra while she's reading the invitation.

Petra returns the favor by slicing a zombie sneaking up behind him.

Petra playfully challenges Jesse to a race to the mansion, which might be a flirt.

Jesse, in turn, accepts the race. (Determinant)

Jesse watches with interest as Petra is boosted up onto a ledge and fights some more zombies.

Petra takes out the skeletons firing at Jesse.

In certain introductions of the episode, Jesse usually introduces Petra first, which could have some importance to it.

When TorqueDawg's stuff disappears, Jesse and Petra share a worried look, similar to the one in the trailer.

After Jesse interrogates each YouTuber, he goes to Petra to discuss what they've said, revealing that he might rule her off as the smartest one he knows.

Petra raced in with a sword when the fake jukebox played, exposing the fact that when Jesse's in danger, she keeps on her toes.

Petra acts as a guard when Jesse interrogates Dan, Stampy, Lizzie, and Lukas, maybe to make sure he doesn't get hurt.

Jesse questions Petra's trust in him when they're roaming the secret tunnels, which might be a danger, but Petra quickly solves it by attempting to cool him off with an apology, which she doesn't give lightly. (Determinant)

Petra instantly asks Jesse if he's alright, an obvious concern for his saftey, after the door behind the fireplace closes on him.

Petra smiles a bit when Jesse informs everyone that they're all in this together. It might mean that she's relieved to see her (POSSIBLE!) crush agrees with her. (Determinant)

Petra seems digusted, but also the tiniest bit embarassed when Stampy rebukes Jesse for taking her side because they're "partners?" (Determinant)

Jesse says that he understand Petra's frustration about their current mystery problem. (Determinant)

Jesse also tells her everything will be fine when they catch the White Pumpkin. (Determinant)

When in the elevator shaft room that leads down to the White Pumpkin's hideout, Petra seems stressed over all of the drama with the White Pumpkin. Jesse comforts and calms her down by having a playful race with crafting ladders. (I don't even need to say anything for this one)

Mcsm white-pumpkin-farm

Jesse and Petra in the White Pumpkin's lair

Petra admits that she has a nervous habit of whittling wood blocks. No one would possibly think that Petra could be nervous, so this must be a deep secret. This once again is a dead giveaway for her trust in Jesse.

After the ladders are crafted, Petra scratches her head bashfully, blushes, and thanks Jesse for his help in making her feel better.

Jesse saves Petra from the spider when building the dirt tower up to the tunnel.

Jesse is scared and panicked when he sees the portrait of x-ed out Petra.

Petra tries to convince Jesse that he can tell everyone who the White Pumpkin really is, yet another demonstration of her trust in him.

Jesse aims and throws the lever at Petra when they're trapped in the endermite pit, another bit of living proof I now call "love is trust."

Petra is the first to show up when coming back to rescue Jesse from the White Pumpkin's final stand.

This last one is only a guess, but I think that when the White Pumpkin went on about being together with their companion forever and ever, either Petra or Jesse may have made a reaction of some sort.

Access Denied

Jesse takes Petra's hand and leads her to another portal during the intro.

Episode 7

Petra and Ivor fighting over Jesse.

Jesse apologizes for their argument in the hallway, and Petra, in turn, apologizes back. (Determinant)

Jesse's first priority for entering the new world is finding Petra. (Determinant)

Jesse tells Petra that a "friend code" keeps him from abandoning her.

Jesse helps Petra fight the super zombie. (Determinant)

Jesse refuses to say that Petra is "losing her touch" over a zombie. (Determinant)

Petra pulls Jesse out of the path of the super-zombie horde. (Determinant)

20160729164946 1

Jesse and Petra vs the super-zombie horde.

Jesse apologizes in Crown Mesa if he doesn't do it in the hallway. (Determinant)

Petra "hides" behind Jesse when confronted by the mind-controlled citizens, and Jesse steps in front of her.

PAMA uses Petra to blackmail Jesse into giving him info on the Overworld, and Jesse gives in so Petra won't get hurt. (Determinant) (And it's also possible that PAMA is a Jetra shipper. Why else would it use Petra to crack Jesse?)

Jesse threatens to damage PAMA if it does anything to Petra. (Determinant)

Petra and Jesse lock eyes right before Petra is chipped.

Jesse's look of horror when Petra is chipped says it all.

Jesse and Chipped Petra stare at each other again while Lukas is chipped.

Jesse tries to convince Harper to bring along Petra and Lukas when escaping. (Determinant)

Jesse attempts to remind Chipped Petra of their friendship, which regrettably doesn't work. 

Jesse unchips Petra over Lukas in Harper's secret lab. (Determinant)

When Petra is struggling to remember PAMA's core, Jesse tells her to rest instead. (Determinant)

Jesse helps her up soon after the previous.

Jesse says that he refuses to fight Chipped Petra in the final battle. (Determinant)

When Petra gains short control of herself again, Jesse looks both worried and/or relieved. Either way, it's a look of feeling.

Jesse tells Petra he won't give up until he saves her.

Jesse pleads for Petra to fight her so-called death, because he knows her as a fighter.

Jesse hugs Petra tight when he realizes she's alive.

Petra puts her arm around Jesse and says that she is glad they came to PAMA's dimension.

And that's all the history so far concerning Jetra! Don't panic, there will be updates when the other episodes come out! So stay tuned, shippers!

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