Shipless on the Ask or Dare Show Pt. 3: Fight Fight Fight!

OOTCB: How's it hangin' folks? My name is the Order of the Command Block, and today, we are going to be airing Ask or Dare! And here are Shipper's OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick!

Nikki & Nick: Helloooooooooo Wiki--

Costly: Soon to be MY co-hosts! For the time-being, anyways!

OOTCB: Really?! Uh-uh! You don't get to interrupt the intro!

Costly: Oh, please. I thought you were less uptight than this.



Nick: Hoh boy...uh...why don't we hash this out over a nice speed dare session?

OOTCB: Sounds good to me.

Costly: Fine.

Speed Daring...BEGIN!

Dare #64

Nikki: Petra! Lukas! Sword fight!

Petra & Lukas: *draw swords and start fighting*

Petra: En garde!

Lukas: Hi-yah!

Jesse & Jenny: *sitting and watching, eating popcorn*



Nikki: Of course they did. A little cliche, wouldn't you agree, Georgia?

Dare #65

Nick: Soren! Bravery course!

Soren: *is on high cliff* ...Mother...

Ivor: This is for your own good. My apologies, old friend.

Soren: R-Really?

Ivor: ...NOPE! I've been wanting to do this since the Command Block drama! *pushes Soren off*


Ivor: SoaPuffball never said to give you one!

Dare #66

OOTCB: Jesse! Watch Ratatoing!

Jesse: *watching T.V* Why are their noses so big? Why are they all colored with rainbow? And I can't understand a word!

OOTCB: You give a child a privilege, and look at how they thank you.

Jesse: I am not a child! And you call this a privilege?! This isn't even in high-def!

OOTCB: *Office-style camera face* Gee THANKS, Kirby.

Kirby: *on video-chat* Not my fault I live in a foreign country!

Dare #67

Costly: Order 2.0 and Classic Order! Biscuit-eating contest!

OOTCB: Hey! That's MY job!

Costly: It won't be after I crush you!

Order 2.0 & Classic Order: *stuff their mouths w/ biscuits, then scream in pain* 


Ellie: What the hell did you put in these biscuits?!

Nikki: Hmmmm...*reading ingredients box* Ohhhhh! It says half a cup of CONCENTRATED O.J, not concrete. Sorry, Hooey!

Hooey: What are you sorry for? The concrete was a WAYYYYYYYYY better ingredient! I'm changing the recipe!

Dare #68

Nikki: Gabriel! Lava Parkour Challenge!

Gabriel: *in the Old Builder Games Lava Race*

Nick: Readyyyyyyyyyy...GO!

Gabriel: *pushes off starting line and falls on face*

Nikki: Because it was oh so funny the first time around.

Slayer: *on video-chat* Look! I found Shipper! *holds up SofiaWikia88*

Sofia: H-Hey! Put me down!

Nikki: That's not Shipper, you pinhead! That's one of our new Wikiers! And what made you think that was Shipper? SHE'S A GIRL!

Slayer: How was I supposed to know?! Shipper hasn't exactly made their gender clear!

Dare #69

Nick: Axel! Do a meme challenge! 

Axel: *pulls off "Challenge Accepted" face* Challenge accepted. *randomly RKOs Lukas*

Lukas: So...many...stars...*faints*

Axel: *pulls off "Like a Boss" face* Like a boss.

Nick: ...No offense, Slayer, but this was a bad idea.

Slayer: *still on video-chat* I can see why.

Axel: *sees he only has 11,999 followers on Facebook* Forever alone...*pulls off "Forever Alone" face*

End of Speed Daring

OOTCB: Good! Speed daring is over! So can I destroy Costly now?!

Nick: NO! We still need to answer some questions.

Nikki: Aw, man! Killjoy. *takes off giant foam finger and throws popcorn over shoulder*

Nick: Okaaaaaaay...Pece, I heard you had a question?

Pece: *on video-chat* Why, yes. Jesse, are you a secret brony?

Question #19

Jesse: Whaaaaaaaaat?! No! What gave you THAT dumb idea? *hides Rainbow Dash plush behind back*

Nick: You are?! No way, so am I! *takes out "My Little Brony" pin*

Jesse: Yes! I knew I wasn't alone! *takes out Dashie plush*

Nick: Have you ever been to BronyCon before?

Jesse: You SIMPLY go to BronyCon?! I break into the studio to meet the cast! Where's you dedication?!

Nick: Where's your sanity?!

Nikki: Wow. That got personal all too fast.

OOTCB: I know. Isn't it great? But the next one is from SofiaWIkia88. She wanted to know why Ivor loves lava so much.

Sofia: *on-video chat* He LITERALLY has a house that barfs it! It's crazy! Also, can I go home now? I'm not Shipper.

Slayer: Oh, right. Sorry. *puts Sofia down*

Question #20

Ivor: Lava and I are practically alike. Just like it, I'm dangerous, lethal, can take you by surprise, and let's face the facts: I'M HOT! *strikes a pose*

Nick: Yeah, right! Says who?

Costly: Says Harper, apparently.

Harper: *nosebleed*

End of Questions

OOTCB: FINALLY! We're done! Can I fight for my honor now?!

Nick: Yeah, whatever. Go nuts.


OOTCB: *doesn't fall over*

Costly: Wha? EYYYYRGGGGH! *attempts to push OOTCB over*

OOTCB: *still not moving*

Costly: *sticks crowbar under OOTCB's feet* MMMMMMMMRRRRRRF! *pulls crowbar*

OOTCB: *yawning*

~Time Skip~

Costly: *various tools lying around them* Okay...*gasp!* win...


Costly: I...guess that means I become a darable... {:'(

OOTCB: ...Nah. Deal's off.

Costly: Woah! Really?!

OOTCB: Don't look too deep into it. I'm not ALL evil.

?: And not a moment too soon.

All: Huh?! *turn around*

Slayer: Hi, guys! Look who we found!

Pece: They were snooping around the Spleef playing field from Episode 8, looking for Jetra, just like you said, Nikki!

Jake: I don't know why we didn't search there in the first place...

Becky: But doesn't matter! We found them!

Costly: What? You mean that's...?!

Shipper: How's it hangin' folks?


OOTCB: *hugs Shipper* OMG, hi! It's good to see you again!

Shipper: Good to be back in the studio!

All: *group hug*

Shipper: Even you darables? Don't tell me YOU missed me.

Jesse: We may as well face it: deep inside, we always liked you.

Shipper: Aw, come on. Stop, already.

Magnus: We actually had a great time! Jesse and Petra tried to fly, we have a Eurovision song contest, a Dometra fanart conte--O.O Oh crud.

Shipper: You guys had a WHAT?!

Becky: Run?

Costly: Run. 

All (except Shipper): *runs for lives*

OOTCB: Well, that's our show, folks! Remember to keep rollin in those questions and dares! It was an honor to be your sub-host for the show!

Alex: And it was also an honor to guest-star in it!

Nikki: Till then, fellow WIkiers! Laters! *gets nicked by Shipper* Wagh! Come on, homie, let's talk about this!

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