Shipper: Hooooooooooooow's it hangin' folks? My name is Jetrashipper, and IT'S TIME TO GET WILD BECAUSE THIS IS OUR 20th--count em'--20th EPISODE! And here are my OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick!

Nikki & Nick: Hellooooooooooooooo Wikia!

Shipper: We've gotten so far! I'm proud of you all! Even you darable characters!

Jesse: Yay.

Shipper: *revs chainsaw* I'm sorry, I didn't hear that cheer clearly.


Shipper: Nothing like a good chainsaw to really amp up the party. Let's kick this off with a bang! It's time for Speed Daring!

Speed Daring...BEGIN!

Dare #38

Nikki: Order 2.0 and Classic Order! Have a sandwich-eating contest!

Both Orders: *start to snarf down sandwiches, then spit them out* BLECH!

Soren: Is this--garbage?!

Nikki: Hey, The Lever never specified what goes IN the sandwiches.

Dare #39

Nick: Jesse! Perform the Tail's Doll Curse!

Jesse: *shudders, then holds up doll* Why is this...covered in blood?

Tails Doll: *whispers* You're coming with me...forever.

Jesse: *choking* Ack! What's--happening...?!

Petra: STAY AWAY FROM MY JESSE! *throws brick at Tails Doll, then throws it out the window*

Nick: Now THAT'S true love right there! Wouldn't you agree, Kirbyfan 100?

Dare #40

Shipper: Order 2.0 and Classic Order! Have a cookout, play basketball, and get jobs at Starbucks--ALL AT ONCE!

Axel: Who wants some BBQ?

Gabriel: COLBYYYYYYYYYYYY! *slam-dunks basketball over Ivor*

Ivor: Mommy. *cries*

Jenny: Why's Ivor crying?


Lukas: Olivia, you're spilling the coffee beans! Watch what you're doing!

Random Starbucks Worker: YOU'RE ALL FIRED!

Olivia: But I don't even have the job yet!

RSW: I know! That's how bad you are! Now GET OUT!

Shipper: *sips latte* Here, Slayer. You've earned it. *tosses coffe through screen*

End of Speed Daring

Shipper: Another speed dare sess successfully completed! Wow, try saying THAT 5 times fast.

Nick: *takes deep breath*

Shipper: *slaps hand over mouth* That wasn't a challenge, you tiny dingus.

Nikki: LOL. Anyways, let's party!


~1 hour later~

Jesse: *sigh* I...HATE...TAILS...*sits down*

Petra: Why do our chairs feel...squishy?!

Ellie: *tries to get up* Hey! I can't move!

Soren: We're all stuck!

Shipper: Not me!

Nikki: LOL! This is SO funny! *tries to get up* Wait a sec...did you...?!

Shipper: Are you happy now, Alex.sapre?

Nick: Shipper...what are you doing?

Dare #41

Shipper: *puts on earmuffs* Sorry, homies. *turns on loudspeaker* I hope you'll find it in your hearts to forgive me...

Speaker: Like, baby, baby, baby, ohhhhhhhhhhhh!

All (except Shipper): NUUUUUUUUUU! JUSTIN BEIBER! ;-;

Shipper: While you're all enjoying the party, I have some questions for you. First one is for Ivor: Kirbyfan 100 wanted to know why you watched that terrible movie again.

Ivor: I'll never answer you! Not after what you've done!

Shipper: *puts on 2nd pair of headphones and turns up music*


Question #13

Ivor: I...just think of it! Two kids, selected by fate, joining forces with the children of India to stop those who have more power than them--or so it seems. It's just so...moving.

Shipper: -_-...You need to grow up, Ivor. Anyways, OOTCB wants to ask for ALL the Classic Order: if you went into a sweet store, what candy would you get?

Question #14

Magnus: I guess Order isn't so evil after all...I guess I would get Warheads.

Ellie: Me? Something like FunDip or something.

Soren: I prefer those candy bricks.

Ivor: That bottle gummy with fruity filling inside might be my type.

Gabriel: ...I don't take candy. I hate it.


Nikki: I can't even look at you right now. *turns head*

End of Questions and Dares (or is it?)

Shipper: Wow! What a GREAT 20th episode! Reeeeeeeeal super! Oh, and I nearly forgot the best part?

Harper: *ears bleeding* You let us go and let actually ENJOY the party?

Shipper: You're semi-correct. Nikki! Nick!

Nikki & Nick: *whip out chainsaws and destroy their chairs, freeing them*

All (except Hosts): WHAT?!

Lukas: But I thought Alex.sapre said they couldn't escape!

Nikki: Not with god mode, anyway. We used chainsaws, which is NOT god mode!

Nick: But to be real, we owe it all to Hoogian101. If they hadn't requested us to crash the party, we'd be stuck here for good!


Dare #42


Nick: *singing along w/ song* Don't stop believing!--Hold on to that feeeeeeeeeeeling!

Shipper: *playing electric guitar* BEST--EPISODE--EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!

All (except Hosts): ;-;

REAL End of Questions or Dares

Shipper: Well, that's our show, folks! Remember to keep rollin in those questions and dares. This is yours truly, signing off! Happy 20th!

Nikki: Till then, fellow Wikiers! Laters!

Nick: I feel like we're forgetting, it's probably not important. 

Jesse: Hello? Hel-loooooooooo? Is someone going to unglue us?

Petra: Forget it, Jesse. We've been left for dead...or, at least, until the next episode.

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