Minecraft Hamarato Mode: The Return of Domitron3

Shipper: How's it hangin' folks? My name is Jetrashipper and THIS is episode 17 of Ask or Dare! And here are my OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick!

Nikki & Nick: Hellooooooooo Wikia!

Shipper: Okay so...first off, I got a request from one of my friends to be on the show, but...I had to say no.

Nick: No?! Why?!

Shipper: Because I said in the last episode I wouldn't be accepting anymore guest star requests! I'm dead serious about this guys!

Nikki: Too late. Already brought him.

Shipper: WHAT?!

Dom: Uh...hi again, Shipper.

Jesse: Ha-ha! NO way! Domitron is back?!

Petra: Must...TWEET.

Lukas: Right behind you! *whips out iPhone* @LukasPorter--"Greatest day of Ask or Dare fans. #Dometra"


Nick: On it! *takes out flamethrower and melts iPhones*

Petra: Hey! We just learned how to work those!

Shipper: Too bad! Starting show now! So, KirbyFan 100 wanted Jesse to fight Spat from Hamarato! Nice show.

Jesse: But how am I supposed to beat him if I don't know what he can do and his weaknesses?!

Shipper: No one said you had to win. You just have to fight.

Dare #27

Spat: You dare challenge me, mere mortal?!

Jesse: No, Shipper dared me. Blame them.

Spat: Blashphemy! You shall pay dearly for your mistake! *shoots lightning from pitchfork*

Jesse: *deflects blow w/ sword*

Order 2.0 & Classic Order: *chanting* Jes-se! Jes-se! Jes-se!

Hosts & Dom: *chanting* Spat! Spat! Spat!

Spat: *hits Jesse w/ lightning blast*

Order 2.0 & Classic Order: ...Spat! Spat! Spat!

Jesse: Gee, thanks for the support!

Jenny: You're welcome!

Jesse: *facepalm*

Spat: There is nowhere to hide! Become my slave! *sends grey cloud*

Nikki: Oh boy! This is the best part!

Dom: I have an idea! Let's stone Jesse before he gets turned! *throws rocks of Harmony*

Jesse: *rock hits head* Ow! *another one hits* Hey! *one more hits* OUCH! STOP ALREADY! *angrily kicks rock*

Spat: *is hit w/ rock right in the chest* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *explodes into grey cloud*

Dom: Uh...what?

Nikki: You threw rocks of Harmony, stupid! That was Spat's weakness!

Shipper: Oh, it probably doesn't matter. I'd have a LOT of angry Wikiers if Jesse died or something. So, this dare's from PeaceableKingdom, and I could only choose one of the many they sent, because I can only do so much. So, the Order 2.0 has to eat and read fortune cookies.

Axel: Is that all? Alright, I'm feeling hungry anyways.

Dare #28

Jesse: *opens fortune cookie* "Beware of the fame that surrounds you." *looks around* Um, I think I should have done that LONG ago. A little late on the warning, aren't we?

Petra: *opens fortune cookie* "The toughest warrior always has the warmest heart." Well, that's nice to hear.

Lukas: *opens fortune cookie* "The secret to life is NOT hair gel." -_-...

Jenny: *opens fortune cookie* "The love you seek is inside the enemy." Huh. Wonder what that means...

Olivia: *opens fortune cookie* "A relationship will be testing you." Ooh, forboding.

Axel: *opens fortune cookie* "We're just going to be direct: the Chinese food you ate was poisoned." WHAT?! *stomach gurgles* Oh, crap! WHERE'S THE BATHROOM?!

Nick: On the other side of the studio.

Axel: Sorry! Don't have the time! *stomach gurgles louder*

Dom: GET DOWN! *ducks*

Shipper: YOU HEARD THE MAN! DIVE, DIVE, DIVE! *also ducks*

All (except Axel): *take cover*

Axel: *farts loudly*


Shipper: *wearing gas mask* Oh Notch...everyone okay?

Dom: *wearing gas mask* I'm still alive! Nikki? Nick?

Nikki & Nick: *wearing gas masks* We're good!

Jenny: *choking* H-hey! What

Shipper: Sorry girl, but we don't need you for any dares or questions,'re on your own.

Jenny: *faints*

Nikki: As for Axel, Olivia, and Petra, take these Lysol-sprayed rags. It's the best we've got. *tosses rags*

Axel, Olivia, & Petra: *catch rags*

Nick: Good! Now, OOTCB has another question for you all, and--

Petra: What?! From OOTCB?! NO! I'M DONE! *jumps out window*

Dom: least we can get some fresh air into the studio, right?

Shipper: Nikki, be a doll and go fetch her for us, will you? We need her for the last question.

Nikki: On it! *leaves*

Shipper: Now, with the question: Axel, if you discovered all the TNT had been taken by your closest friend, what you do and how would you react?

Question #8

Axel: You're asking me what I would do if OLIVIA stole all my TNT? Well...I...I...

Olivia: *in head* The fortune cookie is coming true...a relationship is testing me!

Axel: I...I'd just have to deal with it. I'd never be mad at Olivia. TNT is good, but friends are more important.

Dom: *wipes away tear, then looks at Shipper* I couldn't have said it better myself.

Shipper: o///o Boi, the action's over there! Go fanboy in the europhia of Olixel!

Nikki: *enters* I'm baaaaaaack! And I've got Petra! *has Petra tied up in a lead*

Petra: Curse your command block Ender Dragon form...

Shipper: So, Petra, Georgia3904 wanted to know: where'd you get the chainsaw from the last episode?

Question #9

Petra: Really? That's all? Oh, I got it from the weapon pile Nikki left us from the last episode.

Nick: *glares at Nikki* Oh right, I nearly forgot about that!

Nikki: Aw, come on, homie! Forgive and forget, am I right?

Nick: NO. *punches Nikki's shoulder*

Nikki: Okay, point taken. In other news, OW!

End of Questions and Dares

Shipper: Well, that's our show, folks! Remember to keep rolling in those questions and dares!

Dom: Wait! What about mine? What gender are you?

Nikki: Uh, till then, fellow Wikiers! Laters!

Dom: No, wait, wait, WAIT!

Nick: *turns of camera* 

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