Monster Galling 101

Shipper: How's it hangin' folks? My name is Jetrashipper, and we are back with another thrilling episode of Ask or Dare! And here are my OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick!

Nikki & Nick: Hellooooooooooooo Wikia!

Shipper: So, we have a special guest with us today! They sent in such a pack of ideas, I decided to base this entire episode on them! Welcome my fellow Wikier, MonsterGal101!

MG101: Heya!

Shipper: Welcome to the show, 101! So, how does it feel to be here?

MG101: It feels AMAZING! I bet there are a LOT of Wikiers who'd want this opportunity! Say, why's there plywood on the studio walls?

Ivor: *busts thrugh plywood covering* HONEDGE! GET BACK HERE!

MG101: Oh yeah! I nearly forgot about that last episode. 

Shipper: Who could? Anyways, your first dare was for Jenny, Lukas, Ivor, and Harper.

Ivor: It'll have to wait! I'm THIS close to catching Honedge...

Nikki: It's a double date dare...

Ivor: *throws iPad over shoulder* HONEDGE WILL HAVE TO WAIT!

Shipper: Did you tell them the Blaze Rods have to invade?

Nick: *evil grin* Nope.

Shipper: Well, way to commence, soldier.

Dare #15

Lukas, Jenny, Ivor, and Harper: *sitting in movie theater* 

Harper: *eating popcorn* I have no idea what I'm eating, but I don't care! 

Jenny: *sipping orange soda* This is unlike any potion I'VE ever tasted.

Lukas: *lays hand over Jenny's* got this, buddy...just go for it...

Ivor: *sweating* OhmyNotchohmyNotchohmyNotch. Come on, old man, you can do it.

'Lukas, Jenny, Ivor, and Harper:' *lean in for kiss from respective date*

Blaze Rods: *burst through screen*





Shipper and MG101: *high-five*

Lukas, Jenny, Ivor, and Harper: SHIIIIIIIIIIPPEEEEEEEEER!

Shipper: Present.

Harper: I. HATE. YOU.

Nikki: *eating popcorn* Oh, please. You have no idea how many times we get that.

Nick: *sipping orange soda* Yeah, so cliche.

Shipper: Anyways, next one is the question: how were your previous relationships before this dare show?

Question #5

Jesse: Well, me and Petra were just super-close friends--

Petra: And now we know we have a crush on each other.

Jesse: So...not sure what to think of it.


Petra: Um, you never even explained what Jetra IS.

Shipper: ...No. I'M DONE! I am NOT going through with this question! JUST--! AAAAAAGH!

MG101: Fair enough. Next one is a dare, and it's for Ivor to hire an elite team of lava house builders to build lava houses all over the world!

Ivor: Ooh-hoo-hoo! This will be a fun dare.

Dare #16

Ivor: Okay, listen up, builders! We've got a LOT of work to do! I need you to spread out to the 4 corners of Minecraftia to build the BEST lava houses this world has ever seen!

Harper, Milo, Isa, StacyPlays, and Leah: YES SIR!

Ivor: Now, go, my minions! GO!

~Time skip~

Newssman: This just in! There's a lava house outbreak all over Minecraftia! Thankfully, a young hero, and local Ask or Dare show host, Jetrashipper, and their friends, MonsterGal101, Nikki, and Nick have captured these hienous criminals while the cleanup is in session.

Ivor: *getting shoved onto police horse* No-no-no, you don't get it! This was a dare from the show! Tell them, Shipper!

Shipper: Tell it to the judge, Beardy! I don't know what you're talking about!


MG101: You ARE going to tell them it was just a dare, right?

Shipper: *smirk* Maybe. So the last dare is for everyone else to become Youtubers!

Jesse: O-k?

Nick: And I guess we can let the actual Youtubers help...right?

Nikki: Yeah...I may not like it, but we owe them THAT much...

Shipper: *sigh* FINE.

Dare #17

DanTDM: Hey, everyone! Dan here, and welcome to "How to Make a MC:SM character a Youtuber!"

StampyCat: Hello! This is Stampy, and  welcome to "How to Make a MC:SM character a Youtuber!"

Petra: Shouldn't StacyPlays be here to help us too?

Axel: She got arrested, remember? She was one of the lava house builders.

Olivia: Anyways, how do we do this?

DanTDM: First, you need your set-up.

Jesse: *in a camera studio* Buttons! I always love a good button! *pushes button*

StampyCat: NO! WAIT! That's the-


StampyCat: *feebly* Self-destruction...button...*faints*

Jenny: Why do you even HAVE a self-destruct button?!

DanTDM: Ever since all the trouble with PAMA, you tend to get paranoid!

End of Questions and Dares

Nick: Well, that was a total disaster...isn't it great?!

MG101: *laughing like crazy* I know! I wish I could be on this show every episode!

Shipper: And you can be! Just send in your questions and dares, and we'll put em' up here for viewing pleasure! 

MG101: ...I never thought of it that way...yeah! You're right! Well, I gotta get going, but thank you SO much for having me on today's episode.

Shipper: And thank YOU for coming! That's our show, everyone! Be sure to send in your questions and dares like you always do to star in this show every day!

Nikki: Till then, fellow Wikiers! Laters!

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