Pokemon No!

Shipper: How's it hangin, folks? My name is Jetrashipper, and this is Episode 12 of Ask or Dare! And here are my OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick!

Nikki & Nick: Hellooooooooo, Wikia!

Shipper: So, I guessed that since I'm feeling gracious, and tired as well, I'm only doing 1 dare today.

Jesse: HOLY MOTHER OF NO- *slaps hand over mouth* 

Petra: You...mean it...right?

Shipper: *rolls eyes* YES. Just 1 dare.

Jesse: YEAH! *breakdances, kicking Axel in the face and knocking over lighting set-up* Owwwww...

Nikki: HEY! That was new equipment, fool!

Axel: *rubbing face* What about me?!

Nikki: Boi, no one cares about you!

Axel: ;-;

Shipper: Moving on, before Jesse breaks anything else! The Order 2.0 has to teach the Classic Order how to play Pokemon Go! And, this dare was from Order of the Command Block again.

Olivia: *to herself* Funny...usually these dares come with a string attached, but not this time.

Lukas: What's...Pokemon Go?

Jenny: Yeah, how are we supposed to teach the Classic Order when WE don't even know what it is?

Shipper: Beats me. Like I said: I'm tired. So, you're on your own.

Olivia: Aaaaaaaand there's the string.

Dare #14

Jesse: *holding iPad* How do we work this thing?

Petra: Click that little button on the bottom.

Jenny: No, the little one over the two small ones.

Lukas: You're doing it wrong! Press the one with the plus sign on it!

Jesse: Okay...*turns volume WAY up*

Order 2.0: *ears bleeding*



Jenny: FOR THE LOVE OF--MOVE OVER! *shoves Jesse*

Jesse: OOF!

Jenny: *smashes iPad with sledgehammer*

Nick: Damnit, Jenny, that's coming out of your paycheck!

Jenny: I don't HAVE a paycheck!

Nick: Not after that, you don't!

Petra: Is...Is it over? Did it stop?

Olivia: I...think so. *reaches for iPad*

Lukas: WAIT! Don't touch it!

Olivia: *gets electrocuted* Urrrrrrrrrrrrrgh...hey, did anyone tell Shipper about the flying pigs in the studio? How come Reuben was never informed? *faints*


Soren: I know this doesn't exactly help, but we STILL don't know how to play this...Pokemon Go.

Harper: *busts hole through studio wall* YOU WILL BE MINE, SQUIRTLE!

Nick: Well, there you have it! Pokemon Go at its finest!

End of Dare

Shipper: Soooooo...I guess that sums it up?

Nikki: Not sure...You think Nick gave them the wrong idea of Pokemon Go?

Both Orders: *busting holes through studio wall* YOU WILL BE MINE, ~insert Pokemon's name here~!

Shipper: Maybe he misled them in the slightest way, but that makes it more entertaining to look at! Anyways, that's our show, folks! Keep rolling in those (listen to this part carefully) QUESTIONS and dares for us to torture them with!

Nikki: Till then, fellow Wikiers! Laters!

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