Surprise! New Character, Incoming!

Shipper: How's it hangin' folks? My name is Jetrashipper, and I got bored of waiting for everyone to vote and request new questions and dares, so--

Jesse: You made this final episode so we can all go home now?! :D


Jesse: ;-;

Shipper: BUT, since I didn't want to stop doing this, I made up a few of my own! So here are my OC co-hosts, Nikki and Nick!

Nikki & Nick: Hellooooooooooo, Wikia!

Shipper: Oh, and I got my own nametag now! I like it. But not important! So, in the last episode, I asked you all to vote on who should win the cooking show dare. (Thank you, Random-Rengeki) It was between Petra, Olivia, and Nikki! And, since I never reached 16 votes like I planned, I just tallied up the most! So, without further ado, the winner is...

Petra: ...

Olivia: ...

Nikki: ...

Shipper: NO ONE! It was a tie with Petra and Olivia!

Petra & Olivia: WHAT?!

Olivia: You mean we were stuck in this studio wasting our lives away while waiting for people to fuel you STUPID show only to find out it was a TIE?!

Nikki: And how come it's between Petra and Olivia?! It was a close run at least, right?

Shipper: Uh, yeah! Real close!

Nikki: See, girls? You lucked out!

Shipper: *to self* Close to unanimous.

Petra: Well, now what?

Shipper: Now, I get to torture you both with my OWN dares for making my fellow Wikiers wait so long!

Jesse: Hey! YOU'RE the one who--

Nick: *slaps hand over mouth* I'd stop right there if I were you. Unless you've completely given up on life...

Shipper: SO! You girls have to go on a date with each other's crushes!

Jenny: Wait a minute! That would mean...!

Lukas: That Petra has to go on a date with Axel--

Nick: And Olivia with Jesse?!

Nikki: *glares at me* There is an evil to you that I never knew before...

Shipper: I know. Even I'M disgusted. What am I thinking?! 

Nick: You tell us! You're the one daring it!

Dare #10

Jesse & Olivia: *sitting at a candlelit table for two* 

Olivia: Uh...well...

Jesse:'s nice, isn't it?

Olivia: But we haven't even ordered yet.

Jesse: I...was talking about the other customers's food. Looks tasty, right?

Olivia: We're the only ones here.

Jesse: Hey, I'm just trying to avoid awkardness!

Olivia: With stupidity?


Jesse: *gets up* Alright, that's it! I'm done! Torture me all you want, Shipper, but I am NOT going through with this date!

Shipper: Eh, that's fine. I half-hoped it would be a disaster anyway. Now, I'm gonna go check on Petra and Axel.

~Scene Change~

Petra & Axel: *sitting on bench on top of hill, staring at sunset* 

Axel: ...So...

Petra: ...Yeah...

Axel: Shipper can be the worst, am I right?

Petra: Amen to that. That host is always driving us nuts! I mean, it's nice they're doing it for their fans, but still! Not exactly Funland for us.

Axel: But man, do they pack a punch! Like when I got beat up for eating the Pocky Sticks from that Pocky Challenge you and Jesse did?

Petra: o///o I-I thought you forgot about that! It was way back in the first episode!

Axel: Are you kidding? NO one could forget that! So kawaii! :3

Petra: -_-...Did you just use a fangirl term?

Axel: *shrugs* You bring it up when you need it most.

Nick: Friendly think it'll grow?

Shipper: Eh, let's just leave em'. Jetra's not at stake yet.

Nick: Awwwww...*puts sniper rifle away*

End of Dare

Shipper: Well, that was short. But before we sign off, I have a surprise for you all!

Jesse: Is it a good surprise? You know, for us?

Shipper: You'll see. Okay, boys, bring in the cage!

Delivery Men: *roll in metal box*

Soren: Hey! What's in there?

Shipper: See previous answer. Release the Old Builder!

Lukas: OLD WHAT?! 

Petra: Hold up. Is that--

Harper: *is thrust out of box* Oof! Ow! So much for travelling in comfort.

Jesse, Jenny, Petra, Lukas, & Ivor: HARPER?!

Shipper: Yessiree! It's Harper! Our newest darable character!

Harper: Darable...character...? As in the darable characters of the "Ask or Dare: With Jetrashipper" Show?!

Delivery Men: *leave*


Nikki: Looks like she's a huge fan of our show!

Nick: Yeah, she's gonna love it here!

Harper: *cries* I'm way to old for this! Notch, take me now!

Ivor: O//////O Harper' the ask ore dare show...with me...?

Gabriel: Hey, look! Ivor's blushing!

Ivor: I, what? No-no-no you've got it all wrong! It's...overly warm in here!

Shipper: *evil grin* Hehe...I can see the dares already. Anyways, that's our show, folks! Be sure to continue rolling in those questions and dares. And remember to include Harper too!

Nikki: Till then, fellow Wikiers! Laters!

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