• Jessefan2

    The things at i`ve had to do at school is that i`ve had to work and study for the things in order to be ready for the test.

    12/09/16: Social Studies Semester Test

    12/12/16: Doing things for my classes

    12/13/16: Math Semester Test

    12/14/16: Science Semester Test

    12/16/16: 1/2 day of my school

    01/03/17: My school begins

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  • Jessefan2

    I`ve been playing this game called Minecraft Xbox 360, I`ve been playing most the world called the city of Carsonville, but it was smaller when i`ve started it, but it was bigger today, but i`m still working on this city and some new communities to catch up with my plans, but i`ve have alot of places in this world, but i`ve haven`t put names at all places, but i`ve put names on some stores and some houses in the town, but i`ve would still be working on it until i`ve finished it, then i`ve add more information to that later.

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