I`ve remember that Order told me that Amnesia causes to lose memories and causes people to get sick, but I`ll remember that I`ll made mistakes on Wikia and I`ll had to apologize to Order and everybody else on Wikia for that, and I`ll remember that Order was right that Blockpedia Wikia staff didn`t do anything, then i`ll apologized to her again for that mistake that a made, i`ll remember that chat`s dead, but i`ll still got to talk to her a little bit, I`ve remember that Me, her and the others were in trouble because of the Vandals that they were ruining everything on Wikia that Other users and Staff made, and She had to kill the Vandals off the chat because they Vandalized several pages on Wikia from an another day, but it stopped before it caused Vandals can ruin pages on Wikia that we have. But today i`ll remember that She was the one on chat, but mostly away, but it was about 3 times, but then she left, then she came back after she was playing her games because she was bored and couldn`t wait for other people on Wikia to come on chat. I`ll might put more about this information later. But after she left, (maybe this morning) I was only alone on Chat on Wikia.

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