I`ve been playing Minecraft on Xbox 360 since I`ll got from Christmas 2014, and i`ve still playing this game, but the play the world, but the city was called Carsonville, because i`ll still remember the name of it, but I`ve worked so hard on this town and i`ll don`t want anybody to mess up the hard work that i`ll made, but i`m still building it since i`ve created that world on Minecraft Xbox 360. But the city looks bigger than before, but it used be to small with a few villages around, but i`ll decided to start building until i`ve got done for the rest of the town, but it might take a while before i`m going to know when it`s done, but i`ve still don`t know when it`s going to be done or not, but i`m still continuing building this town on my world on Minecraft Xbox 360. But its been taking me a long time for me to build this whole thing, but the side of the world, i put some jungle trees there and 2 city sides on the highway, but the`re called Ashville and Graytown but it took me about 1-3 hours for that 2 city sides to complete, but i`ll added an another city called Orderville as well, but the neighborhood that i`ve called is Ashville Meadows, but i`ll will keep continuing working on it.

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