aka Carson Luctman (Order`s Friend)

  • I live in Lenoir City, TN
  • I was born on August 6
  • My occupation is School Student
  • I am Male
  • Jessefan1

    Due to my Computer's Wifi shut down, i will not be active, i'm sorry that this always happen to me, i will try to come back, but not for now due to my Wifi shut down.

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  • Jessefan1

    Well, i got a good notice since i started the world with mountains and stuff, and now there are some cities from a couple of months ago after i got started the world with no cities for 1 or 2 days. I think i got some pictures so i can get some information later.

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  • Jessefan1

    I got over 5,000 edits

    September 29, 2017 by Jessefan1

    I got 5,000 edits on Wikia after i got a couple of edits after school. Thanks to my friends for this.

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  • Jessefan1

    MCSM Choices from S1E6

    September 28, 2017 by Jessefan1

    I`ve tell them that i`ve see grass, forests, and lots of grounds of all direction, good signs so far.

    I`ve tell Petra, Ivor, and Lukas to please stop goofing around.

    I`ve would tell them that they can handle themselves.

    I`ve would tell them i`ve see the Invitation.

    I`ve would help Lukas, Petra, Ivor with the zombies.

    I`ve would tell Lukas that it could be a trap.

    I`ve would tell them that we need to stick together.

    I`ve did all avoidments during the Zombie scene on the Portal to Mystery.

    I`ve told them that we make it.

    I`ve told them that i`ve saw the White Pumpkin is our host.

    I`ve built another way to get in the Mansion.

    I`ve told TorqueDawg if it`s his house.

    I`ve told them that it`s nice to meet them.

    I`ve told TorqueDawg that it`s a good one, and …

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  • Jessefan1

    Choices from MCSM S1E5

    September 26, 2017 by Jessefan1

    I`ve fighting all the monsters during the beginning.

    Petra helped me with the Skeleton and i`ve had to swing it back.

    I`ve was thankful.

    Axel showed me some cool tricks to defeat Zombie which it was cool.

    Axel gave me a have five.

    Olivia showed me the arrows to kill the monsters.

    I`ve said to everyone we can get some treasure.

    I`ve discovered the Temple of the Old Builders.

    I`ve told Petra about how would Ivor know about this place.

    I`ve told Petra if she have thoughts on the Temple.

    i`ve told Petra if she feels lately.

    I`ve asked Olivia how`s treasure hunting treating her.

    I`ve asked Olivia if she hoping for any special loot.

    I`ve asked Olivia if she has any ideas about the levers.

    I`ve asked Axel what he thinks that we`ll find in the temple.

    I`ve asked…

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