My first attempt at a roleplay/Q&A

Pig Master: Hi guys, I have a special guest with me today!

Jesse: Yeah, what's up. Where's the sword you promised me?

Pig Master: Oh, I lied to get you here.

Jesse: WHAT?! Ok, I'm outta here.

Pig Master: I'm afraid you can't do that. You signed a contract to be my co-host, remember?

Jesse: I didn't sign anything!

Pig Master: Oh, yeah, I forged your signature, too.

Jesse: *whispers to reader* HE'S A MADMAN.

Pig Master: Haha, always such a kidder. Anyways, you can ask us stuff.

Jesse: And, uh, how long am I forced to work with you?

Pig Master: As long as I wish.

Jesse: Seriously, plz help me.

Asks are now open!

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