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  • Gojiratheking


    December 13, 2016 by Gojiratheking

    So Here is the big deal:I am leaving this wiki, Of all the wiki I am on the only one I am active on is wikizilla roleplay wiki. I am going to move on from this wiki before the nonsense like shipping gets to me. See ya and don't bother commenting, I have disabled comments. If you want to ever see me again You'd know where to find me...

    EDIT 12/14/2016:You can now comment.

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  • Gojiratheking

    Here is A review of mine Of a youtuber who is mistaken to be cassie rose From Minecraft story mode..

    Here is the youtube channel Of the mistaken person

    A popular believe of many of the user "Cassie rose" Now named Everything Cassie, Is the white pumpkin...

    This is really stupid. She isn't the white pumpkin/Cassie rose (mcsm cassie), The user on youtube I am talking about's channel was made Jun 14, 2012...

    Meanwhile mcsm was released 2015.

    People who say Anything like this need to go to school.

    I know this is a Really, Really bad Blog so feel free to be a critic on me.

    Case closed...

    We need more cookies

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