i wanna do ep 3 so i need to do this one first. also i dont care about the names not been on caps

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so Jesse trys too find Ellegaard and Magus and he dose. two seconds later they go back to that temple thing that you forgot about in EP 5.

also Petra, who we thougth was dead isn't, is now alive for the plot, her and Jesse hug and the others watch.

Ellegaard and Magus fight over nothing and Jesse trys to break it up, but then they fight over weather to sleep or not. (for the sake of this blog, Jesse and others sleep the night and go in the morning.)

then Jesse and his bros are walking in the forest when the witherstorm pops out of no where and everyone fights mobs also Petra is scarred for life. HMMMMMMMM

they then all run to Sorens place and the Witherstorm is gone. They then all walk on some brighe (cant spell) and Petra starts coughing. HMMMMMMMMMM

Jesse falls down a hole and that hole is filled with endermen, Lukas then joins Jesse, and if your F! Jesse its the momtent when people started shipping Lukesse.

the two (i know Rueben was there) of them then find a way out and Magus and Ellegaard and fighting over something. they then leave.

Jesse then asks Petra a question but she dosen't say anything. HMMMMMMMM

Jesse then follows Magus/Ellegaard and Petra follows him, Petra then tells Jesse shes been bitten by a zombie (for you TWD fans) and then a creeper pops out of no where and attacks them.

Jesse falls and finds Ivor, Petra then pops out of no where and kills him. but dont worry! Ivor then undies.

Jesse:" dead him a few more times!" says Jesse the other People pop out of no where and Ivor splashs then with a slowness potions he then shuts the door on them.

"well crap" says Petra.


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