(in other words ep 1 in a nutshell, idea form moonkitti on youtube)

so before we meet Jesse we get a cool intro with the Order Of The Stone with Soren as the leader, Gabirel the warrior, and two order people you forgot about till the end of the episode, plus they lyed so who cares

we then meet Jesse (he/she will be a boy in this) who is 18 but lives alone with his friend Oliva who picks on Jesse for having a pet pig, then this guy pops up named Axel and has Firework then the 4 of them walk to the first part of the plot really slowly, they then fight over what to build.

they then get to the place where they build when these 3 jerks pop up and start picking on them, the jerks then get bored and go to their building place. they then fight again, but the Jerks leader (Lukas)  pops up and trys to break the fight but fails. the main jerk: Aiden picks on Jesses pig. a random red head (Petra) shows up and breaks up the fight better than Lukas ever could.

they build a thing but Aiden gets mad and burns Jesses pig, Jesse is mad as heck and follows his pig. Jesse finds his pig but gets attacked by some mobs. the red head you forgot about comes out of space and saves Jesse.

Petra then tells Jesse shes breaking the law she then gives Jesse a new sword. they then sky dive of a cliff.

the go to endercon and and meet this shady guy who is 100% not the villan for the next hour.

Petra is mad about getting scammed even thought we all saaw it coming. Jesse meets Lukas and they talk for a bit, then Jesse leaves

The shady guy then makes a wither storm because Soren lyed to the world.

Jesse then has to pick between: Lee form TWD or the red head

(for the sake of this blog we will pick the red head.)

Jesse and Lukas then get hit into the portal, everyone blames Lukas for killing the red head, Ivor shows up in the nether and tells you how to get to the Order Of The Stones temple.

but before we find out he's a member of the Order, all  of them have a sleep over, Axel then picks on Lukas for killing the red head even though Lukas can't hurt a fly.

we then get to the temple and find out that shady guy form before was a member of the order of the stone, Jesse must now find those two people you forgot about.

the end (tell me if you want ep 2)

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