so i came up with this idea about ep 6. remeber how ep 6 had youtubes? (i hope you do) well someone on DA (SeirBlaze) wrote a ep 6 story, but it had her and her friends and now i want to write something like that. so if you dont understand users form this wiki can play as the youtubes. (EG: Stacy = Georgia3904) sooo i need users to be the youtubers, so if you wanna be in the story, ask who you want to be in the comments! :D (please note, if i dont pick you or you die in the story, it's nothing personal.

ROLES (closed)

TDM(Dan):  kirbyfan100

LDshadowlady(Lizzie): PeacebleKingdom

Stampy: Georgia3904 (i wanna be him)

Stacy plays: Order of the command block

CaptainSparklez: OcelotSlayer

Jesses gang will be kept the same, along with Cassie and torqueDawg.

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