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    (why am i doing this? i got now life thats why)

    i have had this randon headcanon on how age/aging works in MCSM and i thought "why not share it?"

    so its basically that the people age normaly (like normal huamns) untill they reach the age of 18. Once they do, their mental and pychical age slows down by 5-10(it ranches from person to person) years and people stop saying their age after this point because 1. it dosen't really matter 2. they most likely forget at that point :P.

    so this makes Hadrien really flipping old, and i guess it makes the "you'll be here forever" threat more like "aw flip i am here forever." rather than "meh, im old." 

    random side headcanon: Radar is the only character (in Jesses group) whoes below the age of 18.

    soooo i gues…

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    ​k before you start reading, text written like this ​are Jesses inter thoughts. m k bye,

    ​hope you enjoy

    ​(ALso this is ep 3 i guess)

    Jesse felt a pain in her head and her eyes. Jesse put her hand on her head. What happened? Jesse couldn’t remember a thing, other than her name of course. Am I dreaming? Jesse asked herself. Jesse heard someone walk around, sounded about 10 blocks away from her. No, don’t think so. Jesse heard more movement, but it was small, Jesse sometimes heard what sounded like chains drag against the ground. Jesse started hearing something, it sounded like a person near her walking in circles, or pacing. “You’re going to get out…” it sounded like a person whispering, there voice was female. Where am i? Jesse inhaled. Ok, Jesse o…

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  • Georgia3904

    littl' question

    August 15, 2017 by Georgia3904

    im thinking of reviewing the new eps as they come out (Why? idk for fun)

    sooo, wat you guys think/want?

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    all i can say is;

    i was not ready.

    For any of it.

    edit: flipping eck, my feelings are so hurt.

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    i wanna update this and add some new ones :3

    Lukas named his group after his favourite mob, (which was an ocelot) same with Aiden (which was a blaze)

    Petra has  astrapphoobia (fear of thunder and lightning) because of the witherstorm

    the Portal act lasted about 2-4 months.

    Petra reiminds Jack of Sammy.

    Milo and Isa ended up becoming freinds.

    Stampy and Stacy didn't tell Lizzie/Dan they were leaving for beacontown.

    Ivor did come back to beacontown, but left again after a year.

    Petra only lived in champion city for a few months.

    (i gtg to bed. more coming soon-)

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