Hello guys! Ender here, and no, I'm not leaving...

Not yet anyway.

And today I would like to express my opinion on the one thing that MCSM never got.

It's second season.


First off, I'd just like to say that Telltale ended the series HORRIBLY. Seriously though, I thought episode 8 was such a letdown when I played it recently, we had so much hype for it, that Soren would return, that the old builders and Gabriel would return, and so much more...

But it never happened.

Instead we got an overhyped finale to the series which I didn't like all that much.

Why you may ask?

Well, I hated the old builders, yes even Harper, they seemed more like cranky next door neighbours than ruthless dictators.

I didn't like the games part of the episode, not because they played these games, but rather the games they played.

Really? Spleef? And Walls? 2 of the most unpopular LBSG games?

Okay enough about episode 8, back to no season 2.

It leaves so many questions unanswered! Where did Ivor go to and why? What happened to the competitors after the games? What happened to the guys in Sky City? Did Cassie and Winslow get eaten by Endermites or did they escape? What happened to Soren, Gabriel and Ellegaard/Magnus? It's all unanswered.

And a big unanswered question, what did the new Order do afterwards? Did they continue to have adventures? Or did they retire?

End of rant.

Before this blog is over, I would just like to say I'm sorry I offended you guys with this blog, I just felt this stuff needed to be said.

New blog comes in a few hours!

(Hint hint, it's not MCSM related what so ever.)

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