Hello guys! Ender here, and today I decided that I should do something nice for you guys! Here you can request me to make a meme!


  • You need to show me the image you want me to make into the meme.
  • You need to tell me what text you want on the bottom, and on the top.
  • I will not do gif memes.
  • I will not do innapropriate memes.
  • Only one meme request per comment please, I'm not saying you can only request one meme, just only one request per comment.
  • That said, do not use the reply button to request another meme.
  • Do not rush me, if I don't make your meme immediately, I'm probably very busy.
  • I may take breaks, these breaks will be 3 days maximum.


Other than that, request away!

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