Happy 2017 guys! 2016 may have been crappy because of some stuff *Glares at Harambe.* but this is a whole new year! A new year with so much potential, I swear to god if this year gets trashed by stupid memes I will flip.

But hey I mean we had some good memes too! Like We are Number One, which has good intentions.


Now for some New Years resolutions!

My Resolutions.

  • Excercise more. (I mean I'm not fat but... Still.)
  • Hang out with my friends. (That way drama in my household will stop.)
  • Return to ESB.


I'm sorry to say that this year will probably be my last year on wikia, because soon I'm going to have to go into grade 10, and I've heard I get at least 3 hours of homework a day plus another 6 of projects and assessments, AND another 2 hours of freakin' studying.


What are your resolutions? Tell me in the comments!

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