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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Meanwhile... At The King's throne room...

    King Arthur walked down the hall to his throne room, arms crossed.

    "That jailbird thinks she can save my disobedient daughter and her group? I don't think so..." He said to someone.

    "So... I'm just going to have you do the job for me." He said, turning around, facing this person.

    They were wearing red and black armour, complete with a helmet that completely hid their face.

    "I figured you would be the perfect for this job, considering how well you kept your identity hidden all these years..." King Arthur said.

    The figure nodded.

    "Here is the ship route, they should be headed towards the capital next." King Arthur said, passing it to the person.

    "Now go, go and find them." King Arthur said, smiling.

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    Hello reader!

    As you all know, L&W Part 11 hasn't come out yet, but don't worry, it isn't cancelled! I'm just taking a break, in fact, as soon as this break is over (Friday is when it ends.) I will have it out by Christmas, also, a second preview is coming, so stay tuned!

    Also while I'm here I would like to announce that due to the popularity, L&W is getting a second season which will come out in early 2018!

    However... I will also confirm that this is the FINAL season.

    Why? Well, it's because... Well, I love this series so much, and I know you all do too, but I don't want to force it, I want to keep it good, and I want it to remain an enjoyable series, I don't want to constantly make seasons just because I can, also, after officially planning …

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    (Shoutout to Alex, for analyzing all the small details hidden in the chapters and putting them together.)

    Although Jace and Jim had not said it, it was obvious that whoever wasn't chosen, would be killed.

    "Oh come on! This is stupid!" Winslow yelled.

    "I can't believe you're doing this... You idiots." Maddy growled at Jim and Jace.

    Nobody would answer, then Jill finally broke the silence.

    "Ugh... Let... Maddy Has to live... She's invaluable." Jill said.

    Maddy sighed in relief.

    "Wait... What? What???" Allison said, confused.

    The rest of the group gasped.

    "What the hell is wrong with you?" Somebody asked.

    Jace and Jim smiled.

    "You heard her Jim! She chose Maddy!" Jace said to Jim.

    Jim then pulled out his sword, and swung it in Maddy's direction.

    "DUDE! Ar…

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    The King gasped, his wife had been lying to him the whole time...

    He wasn't convinced though.

    "You... You're lying... Xara died thousands of years ago... She was killed by The Titan..." The King said to her.

    "Yeah, well did you ever think, maybe Xara survived?" Xara snapped.

    Arthur/The King looked confused.

    "I still don't believe you." He replied.

    Xara glared at him, and then pulled something out from her inventory...

    A mask.

    It was the kind of mask you put on the face of an asylum patient to prevent them from biting, it was slightly decayed in some spots.

    Arthur shrugged.

    "Well, it doesn't matter if you believe me or not, because it's the truth." Xara told him.

    Xara then walked away, towards the exist of the old building, the same building that her …

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  • EnderDragonCrystal

    (I am really bad with release dates...)

    Hello guys! I'm back with a... Different kind of blog, about the upcoming episode.

    I hope you all enjoy!

    Okay, this one is a little obvious, I believe that the Ninja seen at the end of Jailhouse Block is Ivor, not only because of the file name, but because of new info seen in the trailer, as we can see, the masked man pulls out 3 potions, who else uses potions? Ivor, and the part where Jesse ducks under the sword, this part of the trailer is nearly IDENTICAL to a moment in Season 1 Episode 2. So, unless it is debunked somehow, I am CONVINCED that this person is Ivor.

    I also believe that Axel and Olivia may make an appearance in this episode, maybe not with a major role, but I believe they may appear in s…

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