So yeah, episode 3 was my favorite episode of the series so far. That doesn't mean it doesn't have plot flaws, cause it does, so here is my wishlist.

Try not to keep the setting in one place

Yeah, episode 3 was mainly in The End. There's nothing wrong with that, except only almost nothing happened in the End, besides finding Soren. So, try not to set the episode too much near the village, or in the cave, or in Soren's lair.

Character development

In episode 3 there was barely character development. All Lukas did was moan, all Axel did was fall on Lukas (which, to be honest, was only funny the first time), Olivia really just sat there, Reuben, which I'm shocked at, barely got any purpose and Magnus and Ellegaard where only there for 20 minutes. Really the only characters who got character development where Jesse, Petra/Gabriel and Soren.

More awesomeness!

Episode 3 was so much better than episode 2. Keep it up, Telltale! There's still hope!