So, it's me, LudwigVonKoopa22, making a predictions blog for episode 4. So, before we start, I'll give my predictions for the release date. Based on what we've seen so far, episode 2 came out 2 weeks after episode 1, but Job Stauffer from Telltale said it's most likely a one time thing, and episode 3 came out a month after episode 2. And an episode comes out every Tuesday. So, I say approximately December 29th, 2015. Now, onto the blog!

1. The Wither Storm is reborn and Jesse's Gang run away.

2. Lukas decides he has had enough and leaves the group.

3. They build a cave hut to rest for the night

4. Petra/Gabriel sadly wither away and we get another emotional scene, a tribute maybe?

5. We cut to next morning, and then the gang go back to Soren's, maybe to get more Super TNT?

6. They run into Ivor and Soren and Ivor fight.

7. Unfortunately, the Wither Storm has demolished the mountain, but fortunately not the lair.

8. The gang get into a fight with the Wither Storm and Lukas turns up.

9. Lukas actually find the other Ocelots (turns out they were eaten) and, surprisingly, thank Jesse for saving their lives.

10. Episode ends.

I'm probably way off, but I find it quite fun to do these. I hope you enjoyed reading them.

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