Okay, since i cant wait for episode 3, i am gonna write my predictions.

  • The episode starts off with Jesse and the gang being cured from the slowness effect.
  • Gabriel/Petra will pass out from the Wither sickness
  • When they wake up, they will try to give them milk (for those new to minecraft, milk cures all potion effects) but it fails.
  • They find Soren and ask if they can have the super tnt, he asks why and they will explain about the Witherstorm
  • Ellegaard and Magnus will show up soon after.
  • Gabriel/Petra will start being poisoned from the Wither sickness, Jesse tries yet again giving them milk, it cures the poison but not the sickness itself.
  • The episode ends with the Witherstorm terrorizing Soren's mountain lair, except this time its grown 5 times its size from last episode.

Im probably way off but a prediction's a prediction.

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