So new screenshots have been released and I've changed my thoughts.

1. The Wither Storm reformed yada yada yada

2. They dig a trench and yada yada yada

3. We get a sick flashback with the Order

4. Petra/Gabriel pass out yada yada yada

5. Lukas leaves yada yada yada

6. They destroy the Wither Storm, but small particles emerge from it causing it to look like the thing on ep 4 thumbnail.

7. Find Ivor yada yada yada

8. Wither Storm catches up

9. Ivor creates a fancy potion yada yada yada

10. They destroy the Wither Storm yada yada yada

11. After lots of yada yada yada the episode ends.

Thats my prediction update yada yada yada, I hope you enjoy it.

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