I know lots of people on this Wiki may diagree, or are too much of a fanboy to realize this. Either way, I'm listing some of my biggest problems with Minecraft: Story Mode.

1. The Logic (Magnus/Ellegaard's death)

Yes, this is a Minecraft game, and Minecraft doesn't follow logic, but MCSM, on the other hand, does actually follow logic. In Minecraft: Story Mode, people can cry, people have brains, it is impossible for almost ANY block to float. None of these things happen in Minecraft. This isn't my problem, however. My problem is with Magnus/Ellegaard's death. They got flung into a tree about 15 blocks away from their original spot, and died. Even in the original Minecraft, you don't die with that much impact. Plus, they were just like "Oh yeah, they're dead, that sucks I guess OH MY GOD THE WITHER STORM'S STILL ALIVE but let's just leave their body there.", which is dumb. They could have at least buried them. If this doesn't hint towards Magnus and Ellegaard being alive I'm gonna sit here and question logic.

2. Character Development

In MCSM, characters are barely developed. We don't learn much about the Order, except they're frauds (OMG BEST. PLOT TWIST. EVA!!!!!!!!! (sarcasm)), we don't know much about Axel and Olivia. In fact, in episodes 1-3 they're literally there just to watch your back, and nothing else, then are only seen for 20 minutes in episode 5, and Axel is only in the very beginning and very end of episode 4. Ivor is only shown to be a grumpy old potions master who has a grudge against the Order. To be honest, the only properly developed characters were Jesse, Lukas and Petra.

3. Storyline

I'm sorry, but killing the Wither Storm in episode 4 is stupid. It should've been killed in Episode 5, then Sky City in episode 6, and whatever Telltale wants to do in 7 and 8.

(if they cured Petra/Gabriel with milk and resurrected Reuben I would've gave up on this game)

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